PR Playbook: Comms Pros Must Communicate

By June 30, 2023 No Comments

When we started the year back in January, BOCA redefined what it means to ‘elevate.’ To us, this means pushing ourselves and each other to be the very best we can be for our clients, delivering the highest quality service at all times. 

As communications professionals, one would think that the importance of consistent communication with clients is obvious. However, that is not always the case. BOCA is proud to say client satisfaction is one of our number one priorities. There are many factors that play into client satisfaction, but one of the most important is communication.


Regular and reliable communication is critical. We have agency structures in place to ensure that conversations are had at the very beginning of our relationship with clients, determining objectives and setting goals together. We set priorities to help guide our work and align on KPIs. This sets the stage right from the get-go, establishing a strong foundation for what will be a long-lasting and successful partnership. 

To ensure we are on the right track throughout the year, we have scheduled quarterly check-ins with each and every account. This is an opportunity to summarize all of the fabulous work that has been accomplished, recognize goals that have been achieved and identify any areas that need more attention. This is also a great time to revisit client messaging and discuss any new initiatives or announcements on the horizon. Our clients look forward to these conversations and they are in turn useful for them to take back to their team. 

BOCA was founded upon four cornerstones: staff nurturing, outstanding client service, quality product/operations, and new business/brand. Without outstanding client service, BOCA wouldn’t be BOCA. Our clients know the door is always open and we make it a point to knock on theirs regularly, making sure we are taking care of them and that our relationship is thriving. Communication #BOCAstyle!