PR Playbook: Best Practices for Planning a Knockout Quarter

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As we have moved into the start of Q3 (how is that even possible!?), we thought it would be apropos to focus this edition of our #prplaybook series on how to plan a knockout quarter. BOCAteers work incredibly hard at delivering top-notch service every day of the year, and we find that breaking it down quarter by quarter helps us to ensure we are closely aligned with client priorities each step of the way. Read on for five tips and tricks for planning a knockout quarter!

Client check-in
As you map out the quarter, begin with a client check-in. Make sure you know what your client is looking for and what their aspirations are. What went well last quarter? What are some things you can improve upon or revamp for the coming quarter? This goes back to the importance of good communication with your client and your team, ensuring that there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page. Revisit your goals and objectives and make sure they have not changed. 

Reevaluate key messaging
Has the client’s key messaging shifted at all? Are there new topics or new areas of expertise to highlight? It is vital that you are telling the story that your client wants to tell. Refreshing the key messaging every so often can also be helpful in keeping pitch content exciting and newsworthy. 

Do your research!
PR professionals know very well just how important it is to be prepared with a plan for pretty much every aspect of the business. Take the time to understand what is currently going on in the industry and what is on the horizon. Incorporate important events and timelines into your quarterly plan. Map it all out on a calendar and use these key dates to prioritize. 

Create accountability measures
We all need a little motivation at times, and by having accountability measures in place, we can make sure we are staying on track. Conduct regular check-ins, both internally and externally, to review goals and timelines. When necessary, implement rewards to celebrate big wins and/or extra support to get across the finish line. 

Trendjacking is a must!
What are the major events going on in the country or the world that you can tie to your company’s services or executive’s passions? Take a macro news view and see where you fit in. Understand your personas and imagine what they’re going through right now given the current circumstances. What are current pain points that people and businesses are struggling with, and what expertise can you offer to help solve them? Building narratives and telling stories that people can relate to at a given time not only increases your chances of getting some great media placements but also makes meaningful connections with the public and potential buyers. 

These are just a few of the ways you can have a bang-out quarter — BOCA style!

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