BOCA’s State of the Union 2023

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Last week the BOCA team gathered for our annual State of the Union, an event where we as an agency take the time to reflect on the past year and discuss goals and plans for our future. This year’s theme was ‘elevate to excellence.’ At BOCA we are always striving to be the best and deliver excellent service to our clients. We spent the day Friday talking as a team about all of the great things we did in 2022 and also about all of the big moves we plan to make this year. 

February is always a special month for our agency not only because it is unique and different just like us, but it is when founder Kathleen Shanahan first came up with the idea to start her own agency. This February is particularly special because we are celebrating 15 years of BOCA love! Our team has worked incredibly hard throughout the years to build our brand and create a reputation as some of the best in the business. Kathleen founded BOCA with five specific values in mind – authentic, creative, family, passionate, savvy – and these values define every move we make. 

We centered the State of the Union meeting around our four cornerstones – staff nurturing, outstanding client service, quality product & operations, and new business and brand. 

Staff Nurturing

Our team is what makes us and investing in them is good for all. Something we focused a lot on last year and will continue to do this year is staff development and training. Our culture committee does such a great job of creating opportunities to bond as a team and lift eachother up. We are also excited this year to once again begin holding in-person team building events!

Outstanding Client Service

Every year we take a pulse of both employees and clients – when our clients are happy, we are happy! Some of the things our clients mentioned were the ways BOCA helped to achieve goals, our overall client service and quality plans with strategic input. This year we plan to do it even bigger and better, always going the extra mile and continuing to build meaningful relationships with our clients. In April we will be hosting our first ever pickleball tournament!! We are SO excited to welcome our BOCA friendlies to the court where we will play and socialize. 

Quality Product and Operations

This year we will work to continue offering the most innovative and competitive services. We do this by maximizing our potential, utilizing all of our individual strengths.

New Business and brand

We are so proud of the work we did last year and the five awards we were honored with. This year we will continue to build our BOCA brand with more award winning work, creative campaigns and top notch client service. 

The 2023 State of the Union was a huge success and we are feeling so good about the year ahead. Happy anniversary to our team and a big thank you to our clients! We are excited to continue our work together this year and continue to elevate to excellence.

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