The Many Talents of BOCAteers!

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This week BOCAteers came together for a virtual Talent Show Happy Hour. BOCA’s weekly happy hours are just one of the many ways we build culture and community, spending time together as a team outside of our typical work interactions. This particular happy hour was super fun because it allowed us to see different sides of each other and learn more about what makes each person unique. Read on for a snippet of just a few of the talents our team is gifted with…

Gaming has been a passion of mine growing up as I have always loved the competitiveness and quick actions that happen. BOCA even has our very own Fortnite group that we like to play with which has been an awesome way to bond with my fellow BOCAteers. Here is a clip of our very first win as a team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y48c9M3LTac
Anthony Lam, Account Director

If I’m going on a trip with a tight schedule I love doing detailed planning and making sure all goes according to plan. I made a PowerPoint for my trip to Japan. Next time, I’ll try Google Sheets since I saw people on TikTok using that method and it looked very organized.
Kayla Castro, Account Coordinator

Something I really enjoy and am good at is throwing parties! My husband and I love nothing more than bringing together the people we love and care about for a killer bash. This past 4th of July we threw a huge backyard BBQ with around 75 people. It was a hit for both kids and adults.
Lauren Brown, Content Specialist

In my free time, I spend a lot of time playing tennis. I played in high school but stopped after graduating. Now, I play on a women’s team and in a league with my boyfriend. We practice a few times per week and it’s been great seeing the improvement in my game. Alex and I even won our league last season and moved up to the highest division!
Janet Sauter, Account Executive

When I’m not HRing, I’m making things. I’m an avid knitter and I even spin and dye my own yarn and have designed my own knitted sweaters. More recently, I’ve been learning the art of silversmithing and have started my own jewelry business. I use sterling and fine silver as well as a lot of turquoise and other semi-precious stones. I’ve also been forced to learn how to do my own marketing, including logo design, product photography, and SEO. Here are some photos of my creations.
Wendy Brittain, HR Director

It may be a bit cliche for one of the writers on BOCA’s team, but my top talent is probably writing — more specifically, writing quickly. The quality of my writing (or anybody’s writing) is subjective; I don’t think I’ll be winning any awards anytime soon. But because I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve developed the ability to quickly produce lots of content on a vast array of topics that I never dreamed I’d know anything about.
Diego Vasquez, Editorial Director

Much like everybody else during quarantine, I got into painting recently. Arts have always intrigued me but it’s been hard to find a medium that I connected with until I started focusing more on outlines rather than details. I wouldn’t say it’s a fully developed talent, but I’ve definitely enjoyed finding a style that works for me.
Kat Perry, Account Executive

I can’t say it’s a talent (yet) but I love playing guitar. I’m self taught thus far and have found so much joy in turning “off” my work brain and doing something with music. Planning to find a professional instructor in 2023!
Taylor Byers, Account Director

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a creative person. The first instrument I ever picked up was a piano and learned to play by ear. As I got older, I learned new instruments including the french horn, baritone and tuba. I studied and played classical music for many years and attended a performing arts high school – San Francisco School of the Arts! After graduating high school, I continued songwriting and doing more vocal performance (from background vocals to rap). I eventually got the opportunity to tour all over the U.S. and world with amazing acts including Santana, Los Lonely Boys, Ozomatli and many others. I still perform music to this day with my own band called The Scribe Project. Here’s one of my favorite photos from the first tour I went on in Europe (Naples, Italy)!
Sammy Totah, SVP Partner

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