Thanksgiving is Here!

By November 23, 2023 No Comments

It’s getting darker earlier and the weather’s getting cold, which means it’s time to think about the things we’re grateful for. Whether it’s old traditions coming back around or new things to be excited for, Thanksgiving gives all of us on the BOCA team an opportunity to reflect on the good things in life.  

“Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to see family, and mine always gets together to make more food than we can all eat in a week. My favorite is the apple pie my mom makes! After we eat, we all go around and talk about what we’re thankful for, and this year, I’m saying it’s my family, my friends, and my new job with BOCA!”
Megan White 

“Time to be with family and think about the year behind and ahead. We will hike after we make and feast on all the sides! We are also a big pumpkin pie house, so the exercise will be appreciated!”
Lori Bertelli 

“I’m excited to head back to Michigan to see my family and spend time together. I love the holidays and can’t wait to officially kick off the season. I’m also thrilled to not be hosting and let someone else deal with the cleanup!”
Lauren Brown 

“This year is going to be pretty quiet for me. My boyfriend’s family is coming down and we’re going to the Warriors vs. Suns game and then going out for dinner. I’m thankful I get to see them and not have to eat Thanksgiving food.”
Janet Sauter 

“I love Thanksgiving! I’m excited for my parents to host this year and have my aunts, uncles and cousins come to our house and spend time together. I’m thankful for my family and loved ones. I am so looking forward to eating the yummy food my family is preparing.”
Kayla Castro 

“This year’s Thanksgiving will be a handful of several visits with close family, extended family, and friends, all of which I am very thankful to have. I’m not a meat-eater, so for me the meal is all about the sides, with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes leading the way— followed by a slice (or two) of pumpkin pie.”
Diego Vasquez 

“Hoping to take my father out to catch some Dungeness crab on the kayaks in the morning then have a nice family meal. I am thankful to have a healthy and loving family and look forward to eating some delicious prime rib and crab. We are continuing to avoid a turkey Thanksgiving!”
Anthony Lam