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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork – A March Madness PR Playbook

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The month of March is an exciting time for college basketball fans as the NCAA hosts its annual March Madness tournament. In the spirit of friendly competition and a desire to be the best, this month’s PR Playbook is all about winning with the media. PR pros know that in order to be successful and produce happy clients, we have to have solid working relationships with reporters. Below are some game-winning tips to make sure you are coming out on top for your team. 

Team Mentality
There is the potential to build strong working relationships with the media when done the right way. Reporters are always after quality stories and it can be beneficial for both parties to utilize each other. PR pros can provide resources to support reporters in their coverage and, in turn, this helps to identify potential opportunities for PR professionals and their clients.  

Three-Point Shots
Don’t be afraid to take that three-point shot and pitch top-tier news outlets and journalists if you are in the right position. Make sure you are set up to make that basket with a creative story that is unique and newsworthy. 

While it may seem that PR professionals and reporters are on opposing teams, their wins can be mutually beneficial. Clients often want a certain angle or storyline pitched to journalists, but the most successful pitches are those that assist a reporter with the stories they’re working on.

Don’t throw airballs
Blindly pitching is never a good idea. Reporters appreciate you taking the time to get to know them and their scope of coverage. If you are reaching out with irrelevant information that they don’t cover then it is a waste of effort on your part and sends the message to the journalist that you don’t respect their work. Instead, do your research and take the shot when you are better positioned. 

Get That Slam Dunk
Do what you need to do to get the slam dunk. Work with your entire team, including the journalist, to build the best narrative for your client. Keep lines of communication open and assist as needed while the ball gets taken up the court, from initial conversations through the creation and ultimately that slam dunk final publishing. 

Triple Double
Be versatile and creative. Coming to the table with multiple tools and ideas gives your team more opportunities to win in various ways. In basketball, a predictable team is easy to defend; in PR, the equivalent is a constant stream of mundane and repetitive ideas. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and surprise people from time to time.

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