Sunshine On Our Minds

When we are all kids growing up, we have this wonderful break called summer. We (or at least I) would count down the days for this big chunk of time when we would play with friends, go to summer camps at home, or go to sleep away camps and possibly some cool vacation where your parents paid for everything – I don’t know about you, but for me, a little girl growing up on the beaches of Southern California, it was and still is my favorite time of year. 

Now we are adults and we have these very important things called careers and many of us have something of equal to possibly more importance, families. I wrote equally because some people in this world choose to not have children and their career or some form of volunteering, some passion outside of children is A-OK in my book. The family you choose, the family you make, or the intent to not have a family is one’s choice – that said, though, we all have summer (us in the Northern Hemisphere at least). A summer break is fabulous, albeit it is shorter because most of us have these “adult responsibilities” when we were kids doing whatever it is we were doing wherever it may have been 😀

Here at BOCA, we thought it would be fun to share some of our summer plans. 

Kathleen Shanahan, Founder

Based on my lead-in, I think I make it pretty clear – I’ve loved the summer since I was a kid growing up in Southern California and I continue to love the summer months today. While I am a business professional and owner of a communications agency that caters to b2b enterprise tech and MedTech brands, I am also a mom of two beautiful girls – 12 and eight years of age. Beyond running BOCA, I also manage my family and one of my biggest family goals is to ensure my kids have a wonderful and memorable summer. We kicked off this summer with a trip to Puerto Vallarta to visit my mom and my sister, who live full-time in Mexico (nothing like visiting family in a vacation destination). We are full-blown water people. And, now that we are back from Mexico where the kids surfed and sailed, we will now enjoy boating between San Diego, Dana Point, Newport Beach and of course the Island of Catalina (very excited for our summer). You may ask – when am I working? Post-COVID, BOCA is now virtual. In fact, I just did a conference call from our Mikelson 42. So, to all, enjoy your summer.

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Taylor Nguyen, Account Director

As a SoCal native, summer is an absolute blast. The sun-kissed days ignite a contagious energy where my adventurous spirit thrives, and every day is a dog beach day! I grew up here and have the fondest memories of the sun and sand – the summer is when I feel truly energized! The freedom to escape my desk a little earlier on Fridays adds an extra bonus to the mix 😉

Kayla Castro, Assistant Account Executive

There’s nothing like a California summer! I love how long the sunshine lasts in the summer. My favorite way to spend my summer days is picnics in the park. When it’s too hot for sunbathing in the park I pop over to the beach to splash around in the water and nap in the sun. Plus, living in San Francisco the city has so many fun events like free concerts and movie nights in the park. Not to mention its perfect ice cream weather, which I love rain or shine, but it’s particularly satisfying in the summertime. 

Alissa Vasilevskis, Vice President

Having spent most of my life in Northern California, well, summers hit differently here in Nashville — i.e., HOT and HUMID. That said, it’s all relative, right? So, I’m learning to enjoy taking it slow, sipping iced tea on a hot afternoon and embracing “grilling out.” I recently took a road trip to Savannah, Georgia, and if your travels take you to the Southeast, it’s worth taking the time to explore the “Hostess City of the South,” which offers plenty of sights (any “Moonlight in the Garden of Good and Evil” fans here?) and delicious cuisine.

Lauren Brown, Content Specialist

Summer is all about family and friends for me. We try to pack in as much summer fun as we can with our kids because we know we only get so many before they will be out and about doing their own thing. Our summer bucket list consists of Michigan beaches, camping trips, roller coasters and spending time being tourists in our own city. Chicago summers are truly electric and if you haven’t spent time here during these couple of months I highly encourage you to!

Roberto Burgos, Account Executive

Who doesn’t love a summer vacation? I recently took a trip up to NorCal near Mt. Shasta and got to witness some amazing waterfalls. Up north is so different than Southern California, but now that I’m back in San Diego, my plans for the rest of the summer are to hang out at the beach with friends and explore SoCal some more.  

Janet Sauter, Account Executive

Since it’s normally over 110 degrees every day in Arizona during the summer, I try to escape the terrible heat as much I can! I recently just got back from a trip to France, Monaco and Italy. While there I got to explore Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monte-Carlo, La Spezia, Isola d’Elba and Sardinia. This was my first time going to Europe, so it is definitely a summer to remember!