Prioritizing PR Through an Economic Slowdown

By December 8, 2022 No Comments

There is no denying that things are tight these days. We feel the pinch everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. As businesses look for ways to scale back and save where possible, we as experts know that public relations most definitely is not something to cut. 

In fact, brand recognition and visibility are more crucial than ever. Customers are spending carefully and thoughtfully, and businesses are all vying for attention and selection. Our clients need our help more than ever right now to stay relevant and top-of-mind. Now is the time to revamp strategies and plans, and determine ways to continue public relations work within a modified client budget. 

Spending on marketing during a recession can actually be an opportunity because there will always be those who cut back, creating an opening for even greater brand awareness. This is a great time to share a product announcement or propel a new voice into the thought leadership arena. Utilize trendjacking as a way to speak on specific industry trends during this time. As PR professionals, it is our job to think creatively and capitalize on this chance to help our clients stand out. 

There are always ways to think outside the box without necessarily needing to spend a ton of money on campaigns and traditional marketing tactics. This is where working with a seasoned agency pays off for clients, providing an opportunity for PR professionals to really shine. Social media can be a fantastic and inexpensive way to connect with new customers and grow your brand. It’s also a great way to touch base with current customers and find out what is a priority for them at this moment in time. When a company is invested in its customers, its customers are in turn more invested in it. They are more likely to remain loyal and stick with you through tough times and beyond. 

Recessions and economic slowdowns are scary, but it is our PR superpower to reframe this way of thinking and instead see these times as opportunities for great success.

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