Our Favorite Aspects of BOCA

By February 12, 2024 No Comments

Cheesy as it sounds, we at BOCA Communications really do work as a team, and a lot of that is owed to a warm, welcoming, and interconnected company culture. From our work to our virtual happy hours to our social Slack channels, the BOCA team is always finding reasons to chat with each other, and that cohesiveness is reflected in the quality of everything we do. Our awesome culture team is always planning fun activities for our weekly happy hours and keeping us connected as a group. Hear from some of our BOCAteers what they like best about our BOCA culture!

“BOCA does a great job of pushing for impactful results while balancing realistic expectations and promoting work-life balance. It is also nice to have a culture team that plans for weekly activities that are totally optional, but these activities help us connect with our fellow colleagues who are in the trenches of PR.” – Anthony, VP

“I feel that our virtual happy hours have been great for keeping team members connected outside of day-to-day work activities. Some of my favorites have been our “The Price is Right”-themed holiday parties and “Family Feud” game nights (led by our in-house gameshow host, Anthony), as well as team activities such as painting night.” – Diego, VP of Content

“The BOCA team recognizes and appreciates each other for our efforts and achievements. Work-life balance is essential with a lot of flexibility. Also, team members work cohesively, share ideas, and leverage each other’s strengths. This collaborative environment promotes innovation and problem-solving and helps us deliver award-winning results for our clients!” – Lori, VP

“I always feel so connected to the BOCA team. Everyone is there to support each other for any task or question. As we always say, “One Team, One Dream”. Not only are we constantly talking to each other about our clients, but we love to use Slack to share any silly memes and our weekly “Culture Question” on Fridays. I’ve loved getting to know all of my fellow BOCAteers through the activities planned by our amazing culture team.” – Kayla, Account Executive

“The reason I joined BOCA 10 years ago (and the reason I’ve been here for 10 years) is simple — the team. BOCA continues to bring together individuals who are passionate about PR, and who are also wonderful colleagues that offer a wide range of interests and perspectives. All of these make for fun campaigns and brainstorms for clients, as well as for lively get togethers such as our upcoming Trivia Night.” – Alissa, VP

“The BOCA team is incredible, and we truly operate with a team mentality. Even though we are scattered throughout the country, we are cohesive and supportive of each other. Very happy to work with such great people everyday! – Lauren, Content Creator + Media Relations

“The first thing you notice when joining BOCA is how much everyone goes out of their way to welcome you and support each other. Over the last few months at BOCA I have learned so much from everyone else’s expertise, especially thanks to their willingness and excitement to share their knowledge and include me in all aspects of the business.” – Skylar, Intern