National Women’s Small Business Month

By October 27, 2023 No Comments

Every October, we celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month, a month-long dedication where the country recognizes and honors the incredible achievements of female entrepreneurs. 

BOCA is a proud female-owned small business that has been building brand awareness and driving profitability in the tech space since 2008. 

As we celebrate 2023 Women’s Small Business Month, we reflect on the glass ceilings that have been shattered, continue the work to redefine industry standards, and support the creation of more successful female-owned businesses that contribute to the PR industry and society at large. 

There are so many amazing female-owned businesses that play a role in our lives on a daily basis. Companies that once were considered ‘small’ have now turned into enterprises worth millions – like Canva, Bumble and Spanx. Other companies like Minted and Our Place, continue to push toward success, working to build brand recognition, generate a steady customer base and establish a presence within their respective industries. 

According to Forbes, there are still gender discrepancies when it comes to the disbursement of small business loans. In 2022, woman-owned businesses received just over 25% of all loan dollars distributed to small businesses. Women have brilliant ideas, but without the necessary support, those ideas can never come to fruition. We need to continue to provide resources to female entrepreneurs both monetarily and through mentorship and workplace opportunities. 

BOCA founder Kathleen Shanahan launched BOCA in 2008 with the dream of running a company that was focused on client service and home to happy employees. Fifteen years later the company is going strong with a talented team of employees and a client roster full of the tech industry’s most innovative businesses. Here’s to all of the female business owners out there killing it every day, working hard to make their dreams come true.