Lunch & Learn with a Legend – Christopher Lochhead

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I’ve admired the extraordinary Christopher Lochhead since I learned of him in 2004. For years, I’ve mirrored elements of BOCA Communications around the Play Bigger concept – even before Play Bigger was Play Bigger. 

The Legend

For those of you not familiar, Lochhead is a successful author, podcaster, entrepreneur and one of the great minds behind the concept of “categories.” (Category design is a business strategy that is all about creating new products and services.) In a world overcome by “disruptors,” Lochhead believes that creation is actually the way of the future. To him, it is all about creating massive societal value out of nothing. 

“Markets don’t just happen, they are created”

Lochhead discussed with us the idea that the startup business world is asleep and that the idea of competing with a “we’re better than them” strategy is actually not a great one. Legends don’t fight over old ideas, instead they create new ones and demand happens as a result of that. He would know, as he has consulted with and worked alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the world. 

We asked Lochhead what he thinks about the world right now at this moment in time and he shared another revelation with us that made everyone pause and say “wow.” 

Now is the most exciting ‘shit is changing’ time in history”

He talked about human beings and how the biggest single societal change that is happening is a shift from native analog- to digital-natives. Analog natives are people aged 35 and older, those who have primarily experienced life in the “real world.” Then we have digital natives. These are people under age 35 who have only known life in a world of smartphones, iclouds, and so on. The real world to them is the digital world. Digital natives actually specify whether they are meeting IRL (in real life) or online — something analog natives wouldn’t even think to do. Lochhead believes that digital natives are already taking over and that this will dramatically change the world as we know it — in pretty much every facet of life.

Allow yourself to suck!

We closed out our time with a conversation about nurturing creative thinking. Lochhead is a big believer in giving yourself the time and the space to think. He said he even thinks about thinking. Turn off the outside distractions. Do what you need to do in order to get in the right headspace to be creative. Let the creative juices flow and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Most importantly: don’t be afraid to be authentic to your true self. Now, that is some advice we can all appreciate! 

Thank you so much to Christopher Lochhead for hanging out with us and making us all a bit smarter. We truly appreciate you and your big, amazing, ideas!!!

Stay legendary,


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