International Beer Day

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Today is International Beer Day and BOCAteers can certainly get on board with that! People all over the world are celebrating in bars, pubs and in their own backyards. Beer has become much more than just a beverage of late with craft beer popularity soaring and at-home brewing becoming a favorite new hobby. Below BOCAteers share their favorite beer of choice they will be enjoying today in honor of this fun holiday. 

I love beer, especially in the summer. My favorites are sours, a cold can of gose, and super hoppy IPAs. Right now I’m really into Founders Green Zebra gose. My husband works in the wine business, so sometimes it’s nice to change it up!
Lauren Brown
Content Specialist


I’m more of a wine drinker, but an ice cold gose on a hot summer day is pretty amazing. I also love a good, boozy stout, especially when it’s used to make beer ice cream!
Wendy Brittain
HR Director


When I think of beer, I think of baseball games. I’m not a huge beer drinker typically, but something about the stadium vibe makes it more of an experience – especially when you’re drinking it out of a two-foot baseball bat!
Taylor Byers
Account Director

I am not much of a beer person, but I do love a good cider or hard kombucha! I love that they are all fruity and refreshing. I am a big fan of Golden State ciders. I have only tried the original flavor, but I’ve heard good things about the other flavors. For hard kombuchas I like June Shine! They have some unique flavors that are all super delicious. I think the blood orange mint flavor is my favorite.
Kayla Castro
Account Coordinator

I’ve definitely started learning more about beer in the past few years as a number of super cool breweries have popped up in cities across the country. Here in Minneapolis, my favorite brewery is Modist Brewing (it helps that they’re located within walking distance of my place), but there are a number of other good ones, including Surly, Indeed and Fulton. All of that said, one of my favorite all-time beers is actually from the Bay Area brewer 21st Amendment — their Brew Free! Or Die Blood Orange IPA is a regular go-to both because it tastes great, and also because it reminds me of being in SF.
Diego Vasquez
Editorial Director

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