Interesting Places the BOCA Team Has Worked During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought plenty of unexpected adjustments to our work routine during a time of isolation and social distancing. As the Delta variant rages, the coronavirus has created uncertainty once again. However, the pandemic has also brought opportunities to get creative with our workspace, and with vaccination, opportunities to travel as well. 

BOCAteers have used this time to reinvent our workspaces during COVID and try out new environments. Here BOCAteers share their stories on how they have changed up their workspace — or moved it somewhere else altogether — during the pandemic.

1) Kathleen Shanahan, Founder
“Wow, where do I even begin? Two daughters being homeschooled, two dogs barking, a husband and 1,400 square feet shared by all, which feels like 800 square feet. I had to reinvent my workplace regularly as my house was the least productive space by far. My car, near an open hotspot, was my go-to destination. However, my favorite was working from my sister’s house in Puerto Vallarta where she and my mom live full-time. She has great WiFi, a pool, a hot tub, a lot of outside space and — ready for this — child care assistance for $25 a day. My kids were able to run around while also visiting Auntie and Grandma. My husband was able to use it as relaxation / vacation time. I was able to double dip, meaning work during the day with our clients and teams, plus enjoy the Bahía de Banderas (Banderas Bay) in the evening with my kids.
COVID did have a silver lining for me — quality family time.” 

2) Brittney Timmins, Account Supervisor
My husband took over my office during the pandemic, so I set up on our dining room table and realized that I much prefer working while looking out at nature (our view is filled with redwoods, oak trees, local open space and lots of wildlife!) to working in our home office.”

3) Kat Perry, Associate Account Executive
I’ve had the chance to work from Lake Tahoe, Pinecrest Lake and Hawaii! When working from my bedroom starts to drain me and my creativity, I’ve been really lucky to be able to pack up my computer and change my scenery to reinspire me.”

4) Anthony Lam, Account Supervisor
“COVID or the aspect of working remotely more often has allowed me to be around my family more as I don’t have to worry about the commute to and from work.”

5) Taylor Byers, Account Supervisor

“I traveled to Mexico with a few friends who also work in PR, which made for some great brainstorming and conversation. It’s so valuable to hear things from new perspectives since working from home has limited ‘watercooler’ type discussions. Mexico was definitely an experience! It reminded me just how important it is to ‘sign off’ after a full workday — something that has been more difficult during the pandemic since our homes have become our offices. That, and the food was much better than what I’d usually make for myself at home during the week! Can’t beat this view either”:

6) Laura Grosshans, Senior Account Executive

“During the pandemic, I packed up my life in San Francisco and headed to Bend, Oregon, for a winter in lockdown. Luckily, Bend is full of outdoor recreation so I was able to ski and snowshoe pretty much every weekend through the winter. After a stint in Central Oregon, I moved back up to Portland where I grew up. It has been incredible to return to my hometown, especially during this time.” 

7) Brian T. Horowitz, Content Strategist

“During COVID-19, I stayed put in my home office in Forest Hills, New York, and was able to upgrade some of my furniture, including new desks, a chair, sofa and standing desk. Even in a small space, providing multiple options for work is key to maintaining creativity.”

8) Michelle Andersen, Account Director

“I had only been working from my home office for a few days before I moved into my happy, bright new apartment. And two days later, that’s when we went into lockdown and it became my permanent office. Suddenly I needed to make sure I had a desk and a seating arrangement that didn’t give me a headache. It took a while to find the right chair. But I’m really glad I made the move when I did. Good timing. I got the cat a few months later.”

9) Wendy Brittain, HR Director

“Living in a cramped apartment with loud upstairs neighbors and close up nonstop partying at the nearby urban lake was more than enough incentive for me to make a COVID move to the ‘burbs last year. I now have several ‘offices’ in my home where I can enjoy different scenery while I work, including my new backyard succulent garden.”

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