How Living on a Boat Exhibits BOCA Attributes

Yes – I live on a boat. I don’t share a lot about my personal life on this blog because it does run off of the official BOCA website. But, I started to think – there are many aspects to my life (like living on a boat) that are parallels to BOCA Communications.

18 months ago I woke up and said – I want to live a different life and I want to run a different kind of PR firm. I don’t want to be one of those firms trapped in horrible old attorney like office setting that lacks character, essence, living…Even though I don’t think the site exhibits this now (site will be modified soon) we are hip, young (yet seasoned) at heart, amazing, smart, savvy and fun.

Boat people are fun. Regardless of their age or economics…just good old fun smart people that like the water. Much like the BOCA peeps.

How does this relate to living on a boat? Living on a boat totally freed my mind of clutter. When I moved from my beautiful Cole Valley Edwardian 1900 square foot flat to a 34 foot boat – my life changed. I got rid of everything I didn’t need. I focused on quality versus quantity. I became flexible, adaptable and I think more strategic too. These are all qualities that BOCA possesses.

While I never talk about me being the founder of BOCA – the reality is I am the founder. I talk about BOCA in third person all the time b/c I want BOCA to be a brand essence. I want every person that works for BOCA to be free in their mind and heart so they too can be creative, fun and not trapped from the “right way people are suppose to do things.” We are about thinking different. Boat people think differently – we like unconventional.

I worked at a lot of agencies that allowed clients to be rude, overbearing and hurtful to team members. Boaters don’t think that way. Boaters are team members. From the Captain to the Skipper – respect is critical. At BOCA we have respect and trust.

I don’t know why I felt to have this tangent – but I did. I love BOCA and I love the people that work for BOCA. I too – love our clients. Because if I didn’t or a BOCA member didn’t – they wouldn’t be a BOCA client.

Food for thought…Kathleen

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