Hello 2023!

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It’s hard to believe another year has passed. We worked our “booties” off last year and had a lot of fun along the way. We celebrated, we grew, we evolved and most of all, we continued to deliver top-notch service to our clients. 

With our savvy communication and high-impact content creation, we helped our clients to build their brands, drive profitability and grow their businesses. When we weren’t killing it at work, we took some amazing trips, got married and had babies! We look ahead to 2023 with full hearts and big dreams and can’t wait to see what happens. Happy New Year from the BOCA team! 

Here are a few of our 2022 experiences we wanted to share peppered in with New Year Resolutions we wanted to share – enjoy getting to know us.

Kathleen Shanahan
I am so proud of our client retention in 2022. Our client brands built even stronger trust with our teams and that makes me incredibly proud. We also saw a few repeat marketers return to BOCA from their new and exciting positions as CMOs – congratulations. On a personal note, I turned 50. That is a hallmark year. My family went with another family that I met on the beach when we were four years old, to Fiji. We celebrated turning 50 together with loved ones on a magical island. My feet touched sand it has never touched before and I swam off of sandbars in the middle of the ocean with my gals and my bestie. In 2023, professionally, I have a vision of expanding our offerings even more and continuing top-notch client service. Personally, I want to move my body and keep my mobility. 

Taylor Nguyen (Byers)
2022 was the year of a lifetime! I got to marry my best friend, had major wins with some of the most amazing clients and got to share it all with our BOCA team. I look forward to another year of continuous growth (personal and professional) and am committed to making 2023 the best year yet! 

Kat Perry
Last year I planned a huge trip and backpacked through Europe (alone!) over the summer. Of course, it’s not exactly realistic to do something quite so extreme annually, but for 2023, and every year after, I do want to keep traveling on my mind. Whether that means planning another huge adventure or taking a small one, I’d like to continue seeing more of the world. 

Wendy Brittain
Thankfully, 2022 was a pretty smooth year for me. In addition to working with BOCA (and watching this amazing team continue to kill it at PR), I stepped up my silversmithing production side gig (and eventual retirement business) and increased my handcrafted jewelry sales by over 600%. Not too shabby! This year, I’m excited to do more in-person events and, even more exciting, I plan to join my local lapidary club and learn how to cut and polish the stones that will eventually become oaktownwendy jewelry. 

Lauren Brown
After living through the pandemic, 2022 felt somewhat normal and that in itself was amazing!! I took some really great family vacations that we had to put on hold multiple times, and the wait was well worth it. I feel so positive about the year ahead and am excited about all of the adventures that await. 

Kayla Castro
I am so grateful to have had such an amazing 2022! I spent my first year living in San Francisco and also adopted a kitten. It was a year full of firsts and I’m so excited to see what 2023 has in store. I’m looking forward to making new friends and trying all the restaurants on my list!

Janet Sauter
2022 was a pretty great year for me. I started at BOCA (YAY!), spent time with people I care about and got to play lots of tennis, volleyball and pickleball! Alex and I ended the year playing in our first pickleball tournament where we took second in mixed doubles and each took third in men’s/women’s doubles. I’m excited for 2023 and know this year will be even better than the last.

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