After a fairly tumultuous 2016, we want to kick 2017 off with all sorts of positive affirmations. One way is to celebrate the part of the year we hold closest to our hearts.

At BOCA, we’ve always considered February to be our month. The company had its first official launch party on February 28, 2008. Every February, we send gifts or host fabulous leap-year parties. Last year, during our February 28, 2016, party we celebrated the relaunch of our brand and our expanded offerings.

February is the most unique month on the calendar, and we like to claim it as BOCA’s month. February activities also allow us to stand out from the noise of the holiday season.

So today, we are sprinkling the city, our partners, our clients and our dear friends with Valentine’s Day gifts — yummy See’s Candies packages and, of course, a bottle of rose sparkling wine.

Our website echoes our philosophy when it says, we really do “love to love our clients,” and we wanted to own all this love and run with it.

In 2017, Let’s stay focused on all the positives:

We are happy to share that last year brought tremendous success to BOCA’s clients. We are very proud to have been a part of so many successful client acquisitions and funding rounds in 2016. It was a pleasure to support our clients through incredible customer wins and partnerships from around the world. Congratulations to you all!

At BOCA, we expanded our PR data analytics team, social continued to gain traction across clients, and our creative content team flourished. As always, we continued to maintain strong relationships with amazing journalists and forged connections with new writers.

As the burgeoning CEO of BOCA, my team and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making BOCA the company it is today. May 2017 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

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