Happy Leap Day from BOCA!

By March 4, 2024 No Comments


Leap Day is one of our favorite holidays here at BOCA, and this year, we celebrated BOCA’s sixteenth (or fourth!) anniversary with a special happy hour event. Like Leap Day, paella is very important to our founder Kathleen Shanahan, so we all gathered together to cook paella together on Zoom. Many of us work remotely, scattered all over the country, so it can be hard to come together as a company sometimes, but this was a great opportunity to share an activity and chat, and have a delicious dinner besides.  

Though we all started with the same kit, we all added different ingredients and proteins, and we talked through our different recipes and tried to help each other out. It was a blast seeing how different they all looked, and how creative people got with them. Chicken, shrimp, chorizo, peas, peppers, and even squid all made an appearance. Between overflowing pans and undercooked rice, no one’s was perfect, but they were tasty nonetheless!   

Leap Day is unique, and that is why it is a great anniversary for BOCA. BOCA was founded on the promise of being something different, prioritizing our clients and our BOCAteers to offer the best possible experience for everyone involved. We stand apart from the crowd, and a day that only comes every four years in the shortest month is an awesome opportunity to celebrate the things that make us at BOCA special! 

 We love to love our clients, and to celebrate BOCA’s anniversary and the Year of the Dragon, we sent our clients a fun gift set to show our appreciation. Our awesome clients make us what we are!