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Happy Halloween! BOOCAteers have been busy getting into the spirit for everyone’s favorite holiday. Last week we celebrated with a Halloween-themed virtual happy hour that included a costume contest and a pumpkin carving contest. In honor of today’s festivities, the team was asked to share their favorite spooky movies. Check out their choices below…

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This may not be the “best” scary movie ever made, and in fact the acting is pretty bad, but it’s definitely one of the creepiest. There’s something about the setting and the way that it’s shot that make it just flat-out scary, even in certain daytime scenes. Close runner-up goes to the original “Halloween,” which for me is the best of the horror/slasher genre.
Diego Vasquez, Editorial Director

The Nightmare Before Christmas
I know it’s a hybrid Halloween-Christmas movie, but scary is NOT my thing! More than that, I love movies that have a main character who wants to do something that isn’t within his/her stereotype. I love a rat who cooks, like “Ratatouille,” a snail who wants to be a racer, like “Turbo,” and a spooky skeleton who wants to play in the snow and give out Christmas presents.
Kat Perry, Account Executive 

The Shining (the original one from 1980)
OK, it’s not really a Halloween movie, but it’s pretty scary the first couple of times you watch it and it brings back some fun memories for me. When I was a sophomore in college, my roommates, a couple of our neighbors, and I had a monthly movie night. We’d rent a VCR (because that’s how it was done in the early 80s) and two movies: one we’d never seen before and “The Shining.” We watched that movie so many times that we would each pick a character and just recite the dialogue throughout. Looking back on it, the acting was pretty horrible and, after a couple of viewings, it became more comedy than horror. Still, it’s an iconic scary movie. I’m sure beer was involved in these movie nights, too. 😉
Wendy Brittain, HR Director

The Descent
Growing up I hated scary movies but the past few years I’ve grown to really enjoy finding good scary movies. In my opinion, there are more bad scary movies than there are good ones. This movie had really good jump scares and a good plot. If you’re claustrophobic I’d stay away from this one cause it does such an awesome job of setting the scene and makes you feel like you’re there with them. The only downside is that this movie has a lame sequel that really takes away from the original movie’s ending. If we can just pretend the sequel never happened then this movie is amazing. Also honorable mention for “The Conjuring 2,” which I also really enjoyed.
Kayla Castro, Account Coordinator

Hocus Pocus
This movie is my all-time favorite Halloween movie. I’m not into horror movies as lame as that is, and Hocus Pocus is light-hearted and fun – so it’s my go-to! My boys recently watched it for the first time and loved it, so now it’s our Halloween tradition.
Lauren Brown, Content Specialist

Train to Busan
The scariest movie I probably ever saw was “The Exorcist,” which I watched when I was a little kid. I still can’t watch it to this day. But my favorite scary movie is “Train to Busan.” It’s a movie about a zombie breakout, but it takes place entirely on a train. I really liked it because of the nonstop action and drama, but it also presents a really interesting look at how different characters respond in times of crisis– who is going to be the hero? Or the villain? Finally, its ending made me think really deeply about my own circumstances and decisions. I really appreciate a movie that makes me think like that.
Sammy Totah, SVP and Partner

It’s more a horror movie than a scary movie, but I love the “Saw” series because they’re all puzzles. I enjoyed trying to figure out what the characters needed to do in order to escape.
Anthony Lam, Account Director

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