BOOcateers Celebrate Halloween!

By October 29, 2021#BOCALife

It’s hard to boolieve October is already coming to an end. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, who doesn’t love celebrating Halloween?! The BOCA team is going to be busy this week carving pumpkins, busting out their best Thriller moves and trick or treating with their little monsters. We are celebrating as a team with a virtual happy hour that includes all kinds of spooky fun including virtual costume and pumpkin carving contests. But before those big winners are announced, take a peek at some of our most memorable costume choices in Halloween history…

Wendy Brittain, HR Director
Halloween is my favorite holiday! I’ve made quite a few great costumes, if I do say so myself, but one of my favorites was when I went as the shower scene from the movie, “Psycho.” My dad helped me make the shower out of PVC pipe and a clear shower curtain (sprinkled with blood, of course). I already had the Marion Crane wig and I made a “dress” out of a large bath towel and then stuck a cut-off rubber knife to my chest. One of my coworkers showed up as Norman Bates, so it made wearing the costume even more fun. Can’t wait to show off my costume this year!

Sammy Totah, SVP
I think my favorite costume had to be that one time in high school when I went full cow outfit. Head to utters. White face paint with black spots. A gigantic loud ringing bell when I walked and a picket sign that stated “Got Milk, Cow on Strike”. I remember walking in late to my 8am geometry class, everyone’s head down taking an exam, and all you could hear was the loud ringing of my cow bell as I slowly tried to find my seat. My math teacher (at the time, still in touch) angrily looked up at me and said …TAKE THAT BELL OFF.

Angela Chalfant
In 1st grade my Mom made the most amazing Halloween costume for me as a ghost. Not just any ghost, one with pointy feet and a pointy nose like the ones in Casper. I got an award…

Laura Groshans, SAE
My favorite Halloween memory was the year I dressed up as Uma Thurman from two different movies. One night I was Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo from Kill Bill and the next night I was Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Let’s just say it was a good year for the wig companies!

Anthony Lam, Account Supervisor
My favorite Halloween memory was last year when I dressed up as our director of content, Diego Vasquez. I wasn’t able to win our 1st place prize but it was fun to try and pull off as I used his headshot while my camera was turned off, as well as his background. It was a good effort but I ended up losing to Diego who dressed up as Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Kayla Castro, Intern
My favorite Halloween costume was 2 years ago when I dressed up as Lilo and my friend dressed up as Stitch. Lilo and Stitch is definitely one of the most iconic Disney movies of my childhood.

Taylor Byers, Account Supervisor
One of my most memorable costumes had to be Cosmo and Wanda from the Fairly Oddparents. We were invited to a very last minute Halloween party and I had less than two hours to pull something together…ended up with two wigs (pink and green, of course), wands made out of pipe cleaner and glitter and two t-shirts that I found for $2, at a grocery store nonetheless. Our costumes were the hit of the night – especially once I told people how fast it was pulled together.

Eric Bolin, Account Supervisor
My favorite memory of Halloween was when I dressed as the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz and my brothers dressed as the tinman and the lion. We went to a pumpkin patch party and danced to the music with my brother pulling out the robot moves while I was doing the running man. Needless to say, we won “best costume” that year.

Michelle Andersen, Account Director
I remember my very first Halloween. I was very tiny, probably 4 years old and my mom made me a really cute clown outfit and took me around the neighborhood. I remember it because one house had a spooky scarecrow decoration in the yard and I wouldn’t go up to the door of the house because I was convinced it was going to leap off the pole and eat me, not matter how hard my parents tried to convince me that it wasn’t real and would not.

Lauren Brown, Writer
My most favorite Halloween costume is the year I dressed up as Lady Gaga. I had the wig, the sunglasses and the dance moves down! She is such a charismatic person, so to get to pretend to be her for the night was really fun.

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