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BOCA has had a great month, and so have our clients!

At BOCA, we have been able to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and wrapped up our March Madness brackets (congratulations to VP Diego on the win!) While we have been enjoying the beginning of spring, we have also been working hard and learning more about our industry and how we can best help our clients.

With our clients in mind, here are some of the most exciting developments of the last few weeks!

This JFrog report featured in TechRadar shows that most companies in the tech world are turning to generative AI for security purposes, and not for creating new code.

Fortanix VP Richard Searle discussed post-quantum cryptography in this Information Week article discussing new threats to cybersecurity and how companies can best prepare themselves to defend and protect their data.

Aviad Mizrachi, CTO and co-founder of Frontegg, was featured here in InfoWorld discussing the benefits and drawbacks of passkeys, both in terms of data security and in the comfort of users. Users are more comfortable with passwords, and the technology for passkeys still needs development, but the added security is not to be overlooked.

Paul Dix of InfluxData was interviewed on Data Engineering Podcast to explain how he created the foundation of the newest version of the database, as well as his ideas for the future of storage and databases.

To get updates and highlights from all of our clients, be sure to check out our client coverage page here.


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