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BOCA’s B2B Tech and Health Tech News Roundup, Week of 8/10/20

The theme of this blog series is: Celebrate our awesome clients! Our goal with this series is to showcase what our B2B Tech PR and Health Tech clients have been up to lately.  

Abridge, Telehealth Company:In Fierce Healthcare, Abridge’s co-founder and CEO Shiv Rao, MD explains how to overcome 3 challenges exposed in the new world of telehealth and how to overcome them.

“Visits to primary care doctors were down by as much as 60% in early April, and while momentum has started to shift, overall visits are still down by almost 20% when compared to typical levels.

This is concerning because it’s not as if chronic conditions have tapered off — people still need care to help manage their health. And the threat here is significant. Patients have delayed the care they need due to fear of the coronavirus, in some cases leading to death.

While promising, the acceleration of telehealth has come with some speed bumps that have been revealed with the rapid move to video conferencing and telephone-based appointments.” – Shiv Rao, MD

BigPanda, AIOps for the Modern Enterprise:

BigPanda expands channel ecosystem with additional personnel and resources via Channel

“BigPanda was designed to solve a specific problem in the AIOps space, which is a very broad space that is still being defined and understood,” said Paul Szymczyk, vice president of sales, North America, at BigPanda. “AIOps involves the application of AI to tools that help IT Operations do their tasks, and really falls into three distinct buckets.”

Cohesity, Software-Defined, Data Management Company. and JFrog, Universal DevOps Platform:

Business Insider shared a list of the 54 most valuable enterprise tech startups, worth as much as $216 billion collectively. They included both Cohesity and JFrog. Check out the whole list, here. 

Diamanti, Bare-Metal Hyperconverged Platform for Kubernetes and Containers:

Matt Asay explains how Diamanti wants to bridge Kubernetes into the Cloud, via TechRepublic

“As Diamanti CEO Tom Barton said in an interview, it’s also trying to make it easier for companies that want to run Kubernetes in a hybrid cloud environment.”

Digital Asset, Building the Platform, Developer Tools and Leveraging the Best Modern Infrastructure:

Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset appeared on Neil C. Hughes’ Tech Talks podcast to discuss DAML, Digital Asset’s open source platform where developers can easily build and deploy multi-party applications on any distributed ledger platform or database; blockchain experience is not required.


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