BOCA Gives Thanks

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The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to celebrate and remember what we are all thankful for. At BOCA, we are lucky to work with a strong and supportive team of creative and smart individuals, as well as interesting clients.

A few weeks ago, the BOCA family celebrated Thanksgiving with a delicious potluck dinner. At that meal, we all shared what we were thankful for, and now we want to share the heartwarming responses with you:

Anthony Lam, Account Coordinator: I am thankful for the BOCA agency, as I have come to learn and grow from an awesome team that is super supportive. BOCA cares so much about their people and it shows through our fun events and engaging culture.

Ashley Breinlinger, Senior Vice President: I am thankful for the health of my children. Every day I watch them grow, and they say such amazing things. Last night while walking our dog, my 3 year-old looked up into the night sky and asked why the moon was following us. Their curiosity and wonder remind me that no matter how challenging life can seem at times, we are so, so lucky to be alive and on this earth together at this moment in time.

Ben Marrone, Senior Content Strategist: I’m thankful to be surrounded by family and friends near and far, for having a comfortable, reasonably priced apartment in a city where that is increasingly rare, and for being at a job that allows me to think about language every day (and work with some very kind and talented people).

Brittney Timmins, Account Supervisor: I am thankful for my family (BOCA family included!), friends, and my new little puppy Ryder. I’m feeling extra thankful this season that I can bring Ryder with me to work every day 🙂

Claudia Zepeda, Chief Culture Officer: I am grateful for good health, for love, and for having a stable job. I am also thankful for having a great family, for my handsome son, and for the blessing of being in a country full of opportunities where you can fulfill the wishes of your heart.

Colette Des Georges, Content Strategist: I’m grateful beyond words to have the chance to do “for real” something I’ve always dreamt about, and travel the world. I’m trying new foods, seeing places older than most of Western Civilization, and getting an eyeful of some of the most beautiful ecosystems in existence. I’m also meeting some really, really cool people. Very few people have a job or life that would support this type of adventure, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have both.

Drea Garrison, Senior Director, Healthcare: I’m thankful for the support and love from family and friends, getting to work with wonderful people — both clients and at BOCA, and my health and having everything I could possibly need.

Gabriella Iarrobino, Digital Strategist: I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family and friends. I am also thankful for my family at BOCA who are amazing to work with and inspire me every day.

Kathleen Shanahan, CEO and Founder: Everyday I am happy and thankful to be alive with so much wonder and love in my life — my kids, my husband, my mom (Chief Mom Officer at BOCA), my friends, my business, my health. I am blessed, blessed, blessed! As the famous Auntie Mame put it, “Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!” I am full of life and thankful for that life.

Kimberly Stoddard, Sr. Media & Content Strategist: I’m so grateful #BOCAlife supports me in pursuing my passions and maintaining a healthy balance between time with loved ones, professional growth and volunteer opportunities.

Lyndsey Rocca, Media Strategist: I am thankful to be living the best of a lot of worlds right now: working a job I love with people I adore, pursuing a master’s degree, finding time for travel, friends and creative pursuits, and living in a beautifully connected community that is close to my heart. Life is good!

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