Best of…Fall 2022 – We Got This!

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BOCAteers have been hard at work securing top-notch coverage for our clients throughout the past few months. We are proud of these pieces that highlight just how amazing our clients are and we want to shout it from the rooftops! AuditBoard 

John Wheeler, senior advisor for risk and technology for AuditBoard, offers commentary around  the need for risk management for data model development in InfoWorld

Wheeler also discusses what the Securing Open Source Software Act will mean for IT pros in ITPro Today


Todd Spangler with Variety looks at Amagi’s latest round of funding. 

Amagi cofounder Srini KA discusses the race for subscribers in streaming in VentureBeat.

Digital TV News looks at Amagi’s new partnership with Vevo.  ClearDATA

Axios looks at the cyber vulnerabilities for healthcare providers.

ClearDATA’s CyberHealth platform is featured in Healthcare IT News in an article about a new mammography-sharing platform. 

Chris Bowen, CISO and founder at ClearDATA, is featured in an article about how leaders and vendors partner to boost cloud security in HealthSystem CIO

Bowen was also featured in Healthcare IT News discussing the gaps in the latest cybersecurity policy updates, specifically how and why healthcare organizations need more protection.Fortanix    

Accounting Today looks at Fortanix’s launch of a free version of its Data Security Manager software-as-a-service offering, called DSM Explorer.

Taryn Plumb dives into Fortanix’s expanded partnership with AWS to address the risks of data breaches and maintain compliance against data privacy regulations via VentureBeat



InfluxData announces its next-generation time series engine built on Rust. Learn more from Anirban Ghoshal via InfoWorld.

Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData, shares tech’s new valuable commodity, time series data via VentureBeat.

Paul Dix, founder and CTO of InfluxData, connects with Jerry Li and Patrick Gallagher to discuss how to sustain multi-phase, long-term transformational projects via The Engineering Leadership Podcast.


Stephen Chin, vice president of developer relations at software supply chain security company JFrog, is featured in VentureBeat’s article about the open-source initiative Pyrsia.

InfoWorld looked at JFrog’s use of Xray Container Contextual Analysis to scan popular community images in Docker Hub.

Peter Cohan of Forbes dives into the robust demand for JFrog’s IoT and security offerings and double clicks on how JFrog’s visionary CEO and risk-managing CFO effectively strike the right balance.

Cohan also shares three strategies to keep your company in the lead after going public, featuring collaboration tips from JFrog executives Shlomi Ben Haim and Jacob Shulman via Inc.Jitterbit 

Manoj Chaudhary, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering at Jitterbit, discusses how forward-looking organizations can get started with hyperautomation in RTInsights.

MarTech Series discusses a few new-age marketing principles that brand marketers should make a priority with Jill Ransome, CMO at Jitterbit.


Santiago Bassett, CEO and founder of Wazuh debunks the misconceptions of open source security platforms via Security Today.

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