Another Great Summer in the Books

By September 8, 2023 No Comments

Somehow we have made it to the end of another summer. With each passing year, summertime seems to fly by faster and faster, no matter how badly we want it to linger. Before we dive headfirst into sweater weather, football games and holidays, the BOCA team took the opportunity to reflect on the past few months and the moments that made it so sweet. 

“We love summer – everything about summer – beach days, lounging by a pool, BBQs, 4th of July, my birthday, my oldest daughter’s birthday and the list just goes on of family fun. We are big boaters too and both of my daughters sail. Our oldest sails competitively and our youngest is just getting into sailing (and surfing), so we got to watch everything from sabot regattas to surf competitions, it was pretty awesome. It isn’t over yet though. While summer comes to a close, it isn’t over yet. We Californians have what we fondly call a “second summer” – a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather as we enter into autumn. So, to another month of warm weather and beach weekends before we end the baseball season and kick off the football season.”
Kathleen Shanahan

“My family really tries to pack it all in during the summer while the kids are off school. We travel, we spend days at the pool, we explore the awesome city that we call home – Chicago. It is my goal to create experiences for our kids so that they look back on their summers growing up with the best memories possible. One of my favorite experiences from this past summer was our week in South Haven, Michigan. We had the best time just living on the beach and I’m already looking forward to next year! (I have to admit that I do love fall and all that it brings, so I’m excited for the change in seasons too!)”
Lauren Brown

“I had an amazing summer filled with friends and family, park days and trips to the river. One of my favorite summer memories was being able to see Taylor Swift in concert and getting to hear her sing ‘Dress’ and ‘Exile,’ two of my favorite songs. To combine singing and park days I loved going to see ‘Mamma Mia’ at Dolores Park with my friends and singing the night away as the speakers weren’t loud enough to account for the enormous crowd that filled the park. So grateful to be able to spend the summer basking in the sun and making fun memories!”
Kayla Castro

“I would say that so far this has been my best summer, full of new experiences, new friends, adventures, days at the beach, many beautiful sunsets, and having all my family together after such a long time. I love concerts, so I went to some concerts, but my favorite was in Los Angeles. My best friend and I went to see Romeo Santos, a Latin bachata singer, and it was a fun experience that we enjoyed a lot. I did a lot of fun things with my mom and my siblings, but my favorite was hiking at Cedar Creek Falls. We walked a lot to see a beautiful waterfall, and it was enough time to have more bonding time with my family. I can’t wait to see what next summer has in store for me!!!”
Witney Garcia