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A CMO Testament: BOCA + DataStax = PR Drives Explosive Growth

By February 2, 2024 No Comments

Everyday I go to LinkedIn. I view LinkedIn as a platform where people share best practices, success and wins to general company updates. I also love to see all the news from our clients to my professional colleagues.

I was blown away when I saw BOCA repeat CMO Lara Shackelford write this incredible in-depth article about how we – Lara Shackelford and the BOCA Team – truly put DataStax on the map and drove company growth and valuation. 

She does an amazing job outlining the business benefits of a strong PR partnership. Thank you Lara!

The Importance of Trust 

The importance of having complete trust with your PR partner is critical. A strong partnership built on mutual respect and trust coupled with 100% alignment will move mountains and that is exactly what we did at DataStax.

DataStax embraced BOCA’s communication methodologies and we implemented them swiftly from the get go resulting in…

  • Strategic narratives tailored to subject matter experts
  • Executive thought leadership platforms built on personal passions 
  • Thinking like a public company with repetitive media strikes
  • Laser like focus on the competition, be everywhere they are and more
  • Uncovering amazing customers to help tell the story

We are beyond proud of the trust we built with Lara and her team and equally proud of the results we drove on behalf of DataStax – all while having a great time. 

Thank you Lara for the kind words. 

Kathleen Shanahan
BOCA’s Founder