What Makes BOCA a Great Place to Work

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BOCA has some exciting news to share (drum roll, please). SF Business Times has recognized us as a “Best Places to Work” finalist! The awards ceremony isn’t until April 14, so we don’t know how high we rank. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what makes BOCA a great company to work for.

Inventive Holiday and Work Celebrations
Everyone at BOCA works hard to meet client expectations, but we also prioritize having fun off the clock too. On Halloween, the BOCA staff showed its alter ego. For Thanksgiving, we participated in a holiday potluck at the Hamilton Building. During the Christmas holiday, we went to the historic SF Cavalier Bar and rode a cable car while eating pizza and drinking wine. Then we headed to Silver Cloud to perform an epic round of Karaoke. Finally, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Kells, and as a parting gift to two BOCAteers leaving for Argentina, we went to Rogue Ale House.
In addition to the main holidays, we have on-site parties with live music, free food and wine tasting. We use the Mat (a converted Laundromat that now serves as our lunchroom) to celebrate work anniversaries and welcome new employees. 

BOCA Cares About Employee Health
Employee health is paramount at BOCA. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive environment and pet-friendly office, and balancing hard work with a healthy lifestyle. We encourage daily walks around the block, and some of our staff even take advantage of a treadmill desk. If anyone doesn’t feel well, we insist they work from home or take some off time. At BOCA, if you’re not happy we’re not happy, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you feel welcome here.

BOCA Gives Back to The Community
BOCA loves to volunteer for good causes whenever possible. Back in 2013, we did a winter clothing drive for the homeless and this year a few BOCAteers plan to join our client Jitterbit for their annual Waves to Wine bike race. It’s an intense bike ride, but we’re excited to take on the challenge and support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
A Great Office Environment
Our chief culture officer Laura Golden has done an amazing job taking care of our office and making sure everything runs smoothly. She always ensures we have enough food, snacks and drinks available, that our Wi-Fi works, assists with client driving, prepares lunches for on-site meetings and always keeps the office looking brand new. 

BOCA Works From Anywhere
Not everyone works efficiently in a corporate environment all day. So it’s a blessing that BOCA is located in North Beach and our team can work from anywhere. Whether it’s a nearby coffee shop like Columbus Café, the library or the park, a change of scenery does wonders for our productivity.
Classroom-Style Learning
BOCA is not just an office space. Here you have the opportunity to gain new skills. Any interns we hire complete a PR 101 training program and learn the ropes of tech PR. We also routinely invite guest speakers to share their expertise in venture capitalism, conferences, financial advice, etc. Additionally, we hold the occasional office meeting to discuss morning news, share best practices for emails and more.
BOCA’s a Family
When we refer to our agency as the BOCA family, we’re not being facetious. We all have our individual job duties, but we thrive as a team and achieve work goals we couldn’t accomplish on our own. BOCAteers are always available to lend a helping hand for those who need it, whether it’s writing assignments, media relations or sharing relevant resources. We also like to give shout-outs to team members on email and in person. Lastly, for all BOCAteers’ first day of work we treat them to a morning coffee and take them out to lunch. 

Room For Growth
At BOCA, you’ll grow with the company and eventually become a stronger BOCAteer. BOCA has a unique staffing model that lets employees play to their strengths. If your talent is writing, you’re welcome to focus completely on writing. If pitching reports comes naturally to you, then focus on media relations. Working at BOCA is not just a job, it’s a career, and we’re always looking to help you reach your full potential.

Work with World-Class Tech Clients
Being near Silicon Valley means the opportunity to work with big-name tech clients alongside high-profile media publications. You’ll always learn at BOCA and often get a sneak peek at the hot tech news before it hits the media.
An Owner Who Genuinely Cares About Staff
Lastly, we’re very fortunate to have an owner who really cares about our health and career growth. Our founder, Kathleen Shanahan, personally gets to know each of our staff members and always takes into considerations how bringing in new employees will impact current employees. If bringing in a new hire blocks BOCAteers from climbing the career ladder, she’ll pass on the hire. 

We are humbled that SF Business Times selected us as a finalist, and we will continue to foster a welcoming environment for new BOCAteers and veterans alike. Keep your eyes on the SF Business Timeswebsite during the April 14 awards ceremony and cheer us on alongside the other finalists.

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