One Week Later – My Thoughts on Monday Networking

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My ongoing gripe with content – not my clients – not the industry – but me. I do love having a blog and expressing myself – but it is hard to keep in mind that I should keep it fresh regularly as I do have a day job.

So – now – one week and a day later – I am blogging.

First – my thoughts to last Monday. I hit up Frost & Sullivan’s Go Mobile. My dear friend – also in PR – had a client attending. Very nice people. The conference appeared interesting – but bland. Not to be rude – it was just another enterprise focused, analyst conference with minimal sex appeal. I did meet a few interesting companies that would be wonderful additions to the BOCA client roster – specifically Proxim…yes – I do plan to follow up with you. Literally – perfect fit with the BOCA group.

Next up – Mobile Monday. The net/net – a group of people looking to make money off of App Stores. And, yes – more than just Apple. There were apps for Android and Windows Mobile. I actually thought the applications (some of them) seemed fun. Sure – if I am out and about town I would love to know where friends are and other party goers.

Moreover, I think people can make money off their apps – if they are interesting, different and targeted. Maybe a million or pocket change – but money is money.

I took a very long sabbatical from networking. I just don’t want to be another PR person hustling for clients. But, I think that is not the way to think about it. I listened, I learned and I had fun. At the end of the day – I’ve been in tech for 15 years, I’ve made it though several recessions now and it is all about being in this together – the great, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Not sure about networking at evening events this week. I need to find out if there is anything of interest out there before I commit. Until then…I will work during the day and play with friends and family at night.


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