National Work From Home Day

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Today is “National Work From Home Day,” and these days working from home is much more common than not. Thanks to the pandemic, work culture in America has shifted and this evolution has been a gift for many as we now realize it is possible to be efficient and productive outside of traditional office settings. BOCAteers are spread all throughout the country and our talent pool is so much wider now that we really can work from anywhere. Below, some of our team shares the view from their home workspace. 


Anthony Lam
Account Director

Working from home has allowed me to maintain a great work life balance where I can have more time to spend with my family before and after hours without having to worry about spending an hour each way to go back and forth from home. Regardless of where I work, I cannot work without my dual monitor setup (wireless keyboard and mouse) as it allows me to be efficient and maintain an ergonomic posture. Having access to a convertible standing desk has also allowed me to get a good stretch while I work. 


Janet Sauter
Account Executive

Working from home has been a complete game-changer for me! I love not having an early morning commute, especially with these gas prices. Plus, it’s always so hard saying goodbye to furry friends when leaving in the morning. Now, I have the flexibility to play tennis in the mornings and hang out with Milo during the day while working. For my desk setup, I love having a second monitor, it allows me to be more efficient while working since I can easily have numerous items pulled up at once.


Jennifer Tolkachev
Vice President

For years, I didn’t think a full time job was a good fit for me while I was raising my two girls. The lack of flexibility of an office job made it impossible for me to shuttle them around town, and prevented me from being able to volunteer at their school, swim meets, musical theater productions — and just be a big part of their lives before they go off on their own. Remote work afforded me the opportunity to really “do it all.” For the past few years, this has been my workspace, equipped with an adjustable desk that allows for standing. What you don’t see is my beautiful view of our backyard and pool to the right, where I can easily step through the sliding glass doors to take a break, eat lunch, or even work from my laptop. Not only does that contribute to my mental well being, but I feel like it makes me more productive. I love remote work and wouldn’t want to give it up! 


Wendy Brittain
HR Director

When the pandemic first began, I was trying to work in a cramped Oakland apartment with an upstairs neighbor who liked to do aerobics in her living room and a downstairs neighbor who listened to really loud (and weird) music all day. It was terrible for productivity and for my sanity. After a few months, I knew something needed to change and I found a house in the ‘burbs – with a backyard! Now, my office moves with me from the living room sofa to the dining room table to my actual home office and to my favorite spot on a nice day: my hammock. My cat, Gladys, supervises me in between her naps. 


Lauren Brown
Content Specialist 

This past year has been my first experience with remote work and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It allows me to do my work while also maintaining a presence at home and in my kids’ lives. I find that my focus is really centered on whatever task is at hand because I am able to plan my day out as needed. Working from home has been incredibly refreshing and makes me confident that I really can do all of the things I want to do without compromising.

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