Mother’s Day

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Sunday is all about the moms and the special women we love to love. As we prepare to spend the weekend celebrating mothers, BOCAteers shared some of the things that they most love about their moms. 

Things you love about Mom…

My mom is the most epic mom on this planet (or at least I think so). She is so cool that she is on BOCA’s website as “Chief Mom.” She came to this country in the early 50s via Ellis Island from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She renamed herself from Lady Mabel Thersa Balocchi de Roboterra to Terry Tepper. She wanted a unisex name so when she interviewed, people wouldn’t know if she was a man or a woman – talk about cutting edge. She has guided me through my career and in fact encouraged me to start BOCA. She is a role model and a superhero in my eyes and I want to say – Thank You Mom! Thank you for making me the woman I am today. Thank you for making me strong. Thank you for loving me with all my quirks and the list goes on. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Kathleen Shanahan

My mom has been a really great role model throughout my life. She is strong and opinionated and while that isn’t always easy to deal with, it’s what I respect most about her. She loves her family fiercely and I have so many wonderful childhood memories because of her dedication to her family.
Lauren Brown

People often tell me that my mom and I are the same person: we look the same, speak the same, behave the same – it used to drive me insane. But now? I can’t imagine a better compliment. Mom is a badass and I’m happy to be considered anything like her.
Kat Perry 

My mother taught me and my sisters several valuable life tenets. A few that stand out today: Be kind; stick up for yourself/know your worth; never stop learning; give back. I’ve shared these with my daughter too and this helps us keep my mother’s spirit alive.
Lori Bertelli

I am so grateful to have a mom that is so patient and nurturing. She has taught me to always look out for others and be understanding to all. Though I inherited my father’s stubbornness rather than my mother’s knack for patience, I have always appreciated it. She inspires me to be the kindest I can be. Recently she let me know she found a box of old things and has decided to frame my old Mother’s Day drawing and has proclaimed it to be a piece of abstract art. She does see the beauty in all, even my ugly drawing.
Kayla Castro

My mom is my best friend. She has always been my biggest supporter, whether that was back in high school when she would come to every single volleyball game, or tennis match or spend her entire weekend off at a volleyball tournament with me. She always made sure the family was happy, even if she had a hard day at work. As I’ve gotten older, it has been so fun watching her be the best grandma to my niece and my dog, Milo. I have no idea how she balanced everything while raising my brother and me, but I sure do hope I am half the mom she is when I become a mom.
Janet Sauter

The love I have for my mama knows no bounds. She has shown me the invaluable gift of empathy, has been a steadfast pillar of strength and perseverance, and taught me what it truly means to overcome adversity with unwavering determination. I am so lucky for all of her efforts to unite our family and keep it strong. It’s her who holds us together – I don’t know what we would do without her!
Taylor Nguyen