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At BOCA, we’ve enjoyed introducing you to our new BOCAteers over the last few months. Now it’s the BOCA pets turn in the spotlight. Each BOCA pet has a personality (almost) as unique as his or her owner, along with some interesting stories. Without further ado, it’s time meet the BOCA pets.
Breed: Morkie (a mixture of Maltese and Yorkie)
Owner: Senior Account Executive Natalie Wolfrom

Bentley’s Personality
“He’s always super happy, which is what I love most about him. Recently he’s had this more territorial personality where he growls when he sees other dogs outside, which is something he never used to do. So he’s become more like a little-man protective type, which I still think is cute. In general, he’s a very loving dog and gets along with most other dogs.”    
Bentley’s Cool Story
“I’ve had him since he was a pup, and he’s pretty much used my cat Spartacus as his role model. So instead of a dog figure he has a cat figure in his mind. He has some cat habits like licking and cleaning his paws, and whenever he sees a dog he will get down like a cat and literally get ready to pounce. To me, I know what he’s doing so it’s playful and cute. However, I understand when dog owners think Bentley is trying to attack their dogs, so that doesn’t really go off too well. Some other cat tendencies he has are to rest on the top of my couch like Spartacus does. Dogs don’t normally do that and sometimes Bentley gets up there and sits with Spartacus side by side, or sometimes on top of him.”-Natalie Wolfrom

Breed: Poodle/Bichon mix
Owner: Account Director Michelle Newburgh
Chai’s Personality
“Chai is friendly, loving, outgoing and loyal. I love that he is empathetic, wants to be around people and can sense when someone is stressed or in need of comfort. I feel having Chai in the office helps with teamwork. He helps people relax and de-stress by sitting on their laps and being held. Personally, he forces me to take breaks, which helps keep me refreshed. When I get back to my desk, I often have a new way of looking at a something and find myself more productive. I love having him in the office and that my colleagues enjoy his company as much as I do.”
Chai’s Cool Story
“Chai’s former owners spoke fluent Japanese. One day I had a few Japanese friends over, and they started giving him commands in Japanese. To my surprise and delight, he started doing all sorts of new tricks! I had no idea he was a bilingual dog.” –Michelle Newburgh
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer 
Owner: Vice President Ashley Breinlinger
Bella’s Personality
“Many BOCAteers refer to Bella as Kim Kardashian, which I tell myself is because of her fantastic eyelashes and luscious locks, but I think it’s actually because she can be something of a diva. She LOVES her work pack and was very sad to be home alone with me and the baby while I was out on maternity leave because she clearly thinks she has important work to do here at the BOCA office. She spends much of her time here greeting visitors and inspecting purses and backpacks for food. Beyond that I hope she functions as a work-therapy dog when people need a snuggle break from pitching and meetings.”
“One trait I love is that Bella is very perceptive. Unlike some breeds, she looks people directly in the face and will ask how your day is going and where the next adventure will be, all with her eyes. If she sees that someone is hurt or sad, she wants to help and give them love.”
Bella’s Cool (Sweet) Story
“My mom passed away from cancer at our family home nearly five years ago when Bella was just a puppy. My mom taught her to fetch and loved her very much, and the day that my mom died, Bella sat with her on her bed and would not leave her side for 24 hours. Bella refused to eat or drink or go outside, and instead stayed nestled under my mom’s arm the entire time as she slipped away. In fact, all of our family dogs (we had three at the time) stayed with my mom either on her bed or underneath it during that time. I think Bella knew something was changing in my mom, and she wanted to be there to comfort her and all of us through it.” –Ashley Breinlinger
Breed: Boston Terrier
Owner: BOCA Founder Kathleen Shanahan

Zoe’s Personality
“Zoe is the Mayor. Literally, she is the Mayor of BOCA and our street, Francisco Street. She trots around knowing that people know that she not only belongs on this street but basically owns the street. She is intelligent and loving – a huge people person. Everyday she comes to work, and she visits our lovely neighbors here on Francisco Street…be it Water Lilly Cleaners for yummy Chinese Food, Cafe Francisco for bacon scraps or Sweeties – a #1 dive bar here in San Francisco – so she can chase bottle caps. Lastly, she is a lover, not a fighter. She cuddles everyone and just likes to visit friends and chill out.”

Zoe’s Cool Story

“One day my wonderful work colleague told me that her brother was talking about a super smart dog that he met on the corner of Cole and Carl (Cole Valley – the San Francisco neighborhood she lives in full time when not at BOCA). He met a Boston Terrier with brindle coloring that was playing ball with him.” 

“Not playing any ball. The dog was strategically nudging the ball to his foot and looking at him, making a bark (an order) and basically saying in dog language, “please pick up that ball or kick it for me.”

“When this brother spoke about the dog, he met – our BOCA employee (VP) said that is Zoe…she is famous for her ball skills and lives in Cole Valley. Zoe is the ONLY brindle Boston in the Cole Valley area. So known is the Cole Valley area she is even part of a dog mural on Cole Street. I am just amazed by her intelligence. She truly sits apart from other dogs. Zoe, also swims…most Boston Terriers can’t swim, but she can, perfectly.”-Kathleen Shanahan

Some of the most successful companies in the world welcome pets on their premises and BOCA is no different. Bentley, Chai, Bella and Zoe all help our staff finish an exhausting tech PR workday by cheering us up and keeping us motivated. We couldn’t imagine our work life without the BOCA pets and consider them an integral part of the BOCA family. 

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