Introducing the new faces of BOCA: Madison Agatha-Mancebo

By March 16, 2020#BOCALife

Why did you choose PR as a career?
I wouldn’t say that I pursued a career in PR, rather I fell into the industry after experimenting with different types of journalism in college. I quickly learned that being in front of or behind a camera wasn’t for me, and neither was writing about women’s basketball or talking about the weather on the radio. So, PR was really the only concentration left to check off for my major and I’m sure glad I did.

What drew you to BOCA?
The people. I might have had a head start with this from knowing a few people who worked at BOCA prior to my interviews, but even after spending a day in the office it’s easy to tell this is a place that cares about hiring and keeping good people. No matter how smart a coworker is, coming to work is a lot more appealing when you’re surrounded by people who want to be here, want to do great work, and happen to be pleasant too.

What is your favorite part of your job?
There’s so much more that goes into PR than the general public understands, and it’s pretty awesome to be a part of that every day. My favorite part about what I do is the variety of projects and the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and intelligent executives and reporters from all over the world. One day you could be scrambling to jump on a breaking news trend and the next you might be trying to create one, this job is never dull that’s for sure.

What do you like to do for fun?
I have a huge family that’s spread across the country, so making trips to visit everyone is a big part of my life. When my bank account permits, I also love to travel internationally, explore new places, and of course try all the amazing food.

What’s your favorite show?
Anything and everything on HGTV. Currently however, I’m watching a lot of Breaking Bad and Live PD. They’re both equally entertaining and also a good reminder that I’ve made some decent decisions in life so far.

If you weren’t in PR, what would you do?
If I weren’t in PR I’d love to flip houses. My family has always been in the construction and real estate business in one way or another, so that exposure combined with the idea of putting my creativity toward something physical has made the industry really enticing in my opinion.

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