Introducing the New Faces of BOCA: Laura Groshans

By November 14, 2019#BOCALife

Why did you choose PR as a career?

Day three of financial accounting class–– I dropped the class, transferred schools, and never looked back.

What drew you to BOCA?

The main concern I had about agency life in general was a lack of authenticity. From the beginning, BOCA seemed to be everything that appealed to me about working for a PR agency. The fast-paced, vibrant team, the versatility of work and the opportunity to grow. When I first started talking with BOCA employees, it caught me off guard how genuine and candid they were. It quickly became apparent to me that the company as a whole is self-aware and knows what it’s about.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My brain feels well utilized. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but there is a lot of room to think strategically. I also love working with my different teams. Being at a smaller agency, you really get a feel for how people work and the different strengths everyone brings to the table. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I am and always will be a ski bum at heart, so I try to escape to the mountains whenever I get the chance. During the week you can find me trying to cook new dishes while watching NBA games on my laptop. I also love going to concerts and comedy shows, I saw Steve Lacey at the Fillmore a couple weeks ago and I want to see Trevor Noah in a few weeks!

What’s your favorite show? 

Currently, Breaking Bad. I am just now watching it for the first time through. I used to think I didn’t need to watch it because I had seen Malcolm in the Middle. Oh boy, was I wrong.

 If you weren’t in PR, what would you do? 

A part-time sports writer (only covering the winter olympics) and the rest of the time I would be a marine biologist.

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