Introducing the New Faces of BOCA: Briana Coons

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BOCA isn’t a traditional communications agency. We have a specialist model to ensure that employees are happy and clients experience the highest results, which is why we first created the PR Analytics and Research Team. We’d like to introduce you to Briana Coons, one of our first additions to the team and our BOCA family.


Originally from Las Vegas, Briana went to college in Reno and has lived in the Bay area over the past seven years. She previously worked as an emergency 911 dispatcher, is a huge SF Giants fan, loves food and spends most of her free time training for triathlons or planning for her upcoming wedding.


What brought you to BOCA?


Believe it or not, fitness brought me to BOCA. I’m part of a local workout group and Brittney Danon, an SAE at BOCA, posted about a job opening at BOCA. I’ve known Brittney for 3 years and she always spoke highly of the people she worked with. Previously, I never really thought about working in PR, but now I’m happy I took a chance on BOCA. 

How would you describe your position?


I came in as part of the PR Analytics and Research team. Most of my days are spent conducting news sweeps for the agency and clients, tracking and sorting coverage, logging data and keeping my ears peeled and my fingers on the on the pulse of hot, timely news topics for clients to comment on. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve received a crash course on the media side of PR and excited to keep learning more about media relations.

What were you doing before BOCA and how have you been able to transfer your skillsets over to the world of PR?

Over the last seven years, I was a 911 dispatcher for a local police department. Prior to that, I worked as a dispatcher for the real “Reno 911.” My favorite saying at BOCA is, “It’s PR, not ER.” Dealing with emergency situations has given me a calm demeanor that translates well into PR. I’m able to think quickly on my feet, remain calm and speak professionally in any situation.  

Outside the BOCA environment, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about fitness, specifically long distance triathlons. And food. I love to cook and love to eat. In the past year, I’ve competed in Ironman 70.3 races — for those of you unfamiliar with triathlons, that’s a 1.2 mile open water swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run, all on the same day. While it may seem crazy, it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I’m also very passionate about health and wellness and am in the process of finishing my bachelor’s degree in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching at Arizona State University Online. I’m also taking an online course to become an Ironman certified triathlon coach. Many people in this country lack the resources, time and money that triathlons require. As part of the Women for Tri ambassador group, I hope to get more people involved in the sport. Maybe I’ll even convince a few BOCA staffers to join me in a race next year!

Is there anything you’re currently training for?


I’m currently training for my first full marathon in December. If you asked me five years ago if I thought I’d ever even train for a 5k, I probably would have laughed at you. After my marathon, I’ll start gearing up for another Ironman 70.3 race and possibly a full Ironman in July. I did my first triathlon after a friend dared me to… but as a result, I’ve never looked back.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

After going through some difficult times a few years ago, I found the girls of Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina. Their energy and message spoke to me in a way no other diet or fitness program had before. They encourage women to be their best self and to lift others up. My inspiration is not one single person, but rather the entire community of strong, beautiful women I’ve been able to connect with from all over the world. I’ve met some of my closest friends through Tone It Up and have been inspired to try so many new things and make myself a priority health-wise. If not for this group of women, I doubt I would have gone back to school, changed careers or crossed any finish lines. 

What tip would you give someone looking to balance work, a healthy lifestyle and training for a race?


Balance is hard. I juggle school, work, training, wedding planning and commuting over three hours per day. While it’s not easy, and I certainly miss out on a few social events, I know the struggle and sacrifice is well worth it. Plan, plan some more and be flexible. Some days, I don’t get my workouts in. Other days, I have Taco Bell for dinner. And on another day, I eat lean, clean and green, rock it at work and run 10 miles afterwards. Make the healthy choice 90 percent of the time and it will pay off.


Also don’t be afraid to take chances. I was stuck in a career I didn’t love for the last 11 years, working 60 hour weeks and missing holidays with my family. I took a chance on BOCA a few months ago and could not be more thankful for the people and experiences they’ve given me. BOCA has shown me what it’s like to work for a company that truly cares and gives me the flexibility I need with school. I work hard so I can play hard. And so far, it’s paying off. 

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