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BOCA’s management team is proud to highlight its latest and greatest training program we’ve coined – BOCA Elevate. This program ensures our teams are learning the latest and greatest marketing techniques, tools and platforms to ensure cutting edge PR services for our clients and future clients.

We’ve already kicked off training sessions and BOCAteers are beyond enthusiastic to sharpen their trade to up-level our game across the board. As the founder of BOCA, I am confident this is one of the most expansive training programs within the industry, especially for a boutique. I also believe it showcases our thirst for knowledge and ensures we know new generation tools. 

BOCA Elevate is one step. We are also reviewing all social media platforms – even those outside the traditional norm to determine how and if we embrace them for B2B enterprise tech evangelism.

Below you will find a formalized press release for BOCA Elevate that highlights our awesome program. More to come as we learn about these programs and embed them into BOCA’s overall curriculum. 

We Got This! Let’s Elevate.

BOCA’s Founder


BOCA Communications Debuts “BOCA Elevate,” an Educational Program to Foster Next-Level Professional Development That Syncs Inbound Marketing and RevOps Concepts with Digital PR

Program ensures employees obtain professional certifications provided by industry-specific educational academies such as Cision, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, LinkedIn and MuckRack

SAN FRANCISCO, September 12, 2022BOCA Communications, an award-winning digital PR agency for B2B high-tech and MedTech innovators, today announced its next-generation professional development program, BOCA Elevate. More than traditional public relations training sessions, BOCA Elevate is an educational training curriculum using the best-of-the-best, industry-specific educational academies such as Cision, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, LinkedIn, MuckRack and more. With BOCA Elevate, BOCA strengthens its commitment to providing next-level client service by educating every BOCA employee on digital PR, inbound marketing and RevOps (Revenue Operations) concepts related to marketing communications. 

RevOps is the strategic integration of sales, marketing, customer service and finance empowering organizations to work together, identify new revenue opportunities and reduce revenue leakage. BOCA Elevate ensures each employee understands the concept of RevOps as it relates to marketing communications as well as the tools to understand marketing and PR campaigns with a goal to drive optimal results through the true power of marketing communications for BOCAs’ clients. PR managers, vice presidents of Corporate Communications and CMOs want a PR team that understands next-level social and traditional communications platforms with an eye on RevOps.

“Startups, unicorns, even publicly traded companies face the same tremendous pressure – PR and marketing teams have to deliver weekly, monthly and quarterly results,” said Katryn Chansley, senior director of corporate marketing at ClearDATA, healthcare’s largest managed cloud and defense provider. “With BOCA’s emphasis on company-wide curriculum, I’ve got a disciplined, partner-oriented team that’s proficient across all aspects of PR, industry-standard platforms and RevOps concepts. That expertise alone bolsters my confidence as I report high visibility campaign results. BOCA has really set themselves apart by ensuring its staff is armed with the tools needed to support metric-oriented business practices.”

BOCA Elevate provides ongoing education and training opportunities to the agency’s employees in an effort to ensure each BOCA employee has the most advanced skills in all areas of PR, including media relations, metrics and analytics reporting, social media marketing, digital content, and crisis communications. BOCA will devote dedicated days to continuing education, allowing BOCA employees to spend the workday taking online classes and earning professional certifications from industry-specific educational academies. Certain online classes and certifications will become required training for all new hires; they will be provided time to complete them during the onboarding process. This will ensure that all BOCA employees practice their craft at the highest and most innovative industry standards at every job level, from the most junior to the most senior members of the team. A few samples of program elements include:

  • Cision: Understand the conversations, analyze the data, track share-of-voice and more. Ensure your marketing communications programs are fueled with data. 
  • Google Analytics Academy: Visibility into website visitors and click-through rates from earned media and PR placements; ability to identify whether your PR content efforts are reaching the right audience and response rage.
  • HootSuite Academy: Create content that is genuinely engaging to drive more followers plus analyze and pivot content as needed. 
  • HubSpot Academy: Educate the importance of RevOps, inbound marketing and sales to customer service concepts through the lens of public relations principles. 
  • LinkedIn Learning: Evolve and manifest the “best of the best” professional through business, creative and technology certifications. 
  • MucRack Academy: Sharpen media relations skills and techniques through understanding the media landscape at new heights. 

“We are proud of the caliber of this curriculum, especially with the integration of inbound marketing and RevOps principles coupled with digital marcom strategies. We also spearheaded a client listening tour, in which we heard firsthand from our partners about their needs and wants around creative campaigns tied to analytics and reporting,” said Kathleen Shanahan, founder of BOCA Communications. “BOCA Elevate ensures BOCAteers will grow their expertise and apply their new knowledge when servicing accounts. As our staff acquires additional capabilities as a result of the curriculum, we will explore new and expanded service offerings.” 

Already known for excellence in PR, BOCA produces high-quality services and outstanding results for technology clients through every stage of business, from startup through IPO or unicorn status. The agency continues to find ways to level up and remain on the cutting edge of the PR industry. BOCA Elevate will take the agency and its clients to new heights. 

About BOCA Communications
BOCA Communications is an award-winning digital public relations agency that caters to B2B high-tech and MedTech innovators. BOCA integrates inbound marketing and RevOps principles into its overall offering, which helps marketers reach their goals and drive business impact. Its services include category creation, creative campaign development, high-impact content creation, and measurable insight that builds brands, drives profitability and ultimately grows business. 

BOCA’s client base includes companies in the B2B high-tech, BioTech and MedTech industries, from VC-backed innovators to global publicly traded companies. The BOCA team comprises a diverse group of tenacious and dedicated professionals whose number-one priority is client satisfaction. BOCA is headquartered in San Francisco with a virtual workforce spread across the United States. Additional information can be found at BOCA.com.

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