Honoring Working Moms

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we will all take time to celebrate the special women in our lives. BOCA is home to many rockstar working moms who do it all and this post is in honor of them.

Being a mom is truly a job of its own, but for many women there is a desire to have a career in addition to raising children. I am a mom of three young children and I also work as a content specialist here at BOCA. After having my daughter in 2021, I knew that I was ready to get back into the workforce but I wasn’t sure what that looked like or how I would find a position that would allow me to do it all. This is a challenge for so many women — finding a work environment that is understanding of a mom’s responsibilities and commitments.

According to Deoitte’s Women @ Work 2022, working women feel incredibly burnt out and this causes them to make workplace changes or leave the workforce altogether. Fifty three percent of women reported having higher stress levels today than they did at the peak of the pandemic. While some companies have made changes throughout the past two years, many women still feel as though they are unable to disconnect from work at the end of the day because it will negatively impact their career opportunities.

This leads us to the importance of companies who not only employ working moms, but also celebrate them and see them as an asset. Personally, I find that being a working mom makes me incredibly efficient. Because of my time constraints, I make sure that when I am working, my head is in the game and I am in ‘go’ mode. I don’t often have the luxury of extra time, so the time that I do have is precious. Working moms are expert jugglers and problem solvers. We are good at working with all types of people because we have some of the most finicky clients at home! Successful corporations all over the world are run by working moms, including Nasdaq’s Adena T. Friedman and General Motors’ Mary Barra. BOCA founder Kathleen Shanahan is a mom of two and takes immense pride in hiring fellow working moms.

BOCA is home to many working moms and we couldn’t be prouder to have these strong women as a part of our team. Our BOCA mamas are all receiving a little love in the mail this week as a way to say ‘thank you’ and we appreciate all of the hard work you do for us everyday!

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