Here, There, Everywhere. BOCA on the Rise

By September 25, 2015Uncategorized

This week, BOCA took the time to relax, have fun, reflect on the previous year’s successes and discuss what lies ahead.

To kick things off, we headed to the Mission District for some team bonding over a food tour hosted by Edible Excusions. Our lovely guides, Lisa Rogovin and Sophia Lorenzi, led us through a series of locations for tasty treats including Hawker Fare, Craftsman & Wolves, Bi-Rite, Duc Loi and Tacolicious. In typical BOCA fashion, the evening ended with dancing in the Castro. 

Reconvening at 9:00am the next day, the party-weary BOCAteers gathered to take family photos and “candid” shots for our new website (coming soon). After we filled up on breakfast from Specialty’s, our fearless leader Kathleen kicked off her presentation.

So where are we now? GROWING! Check out BOCA’s growth in both size and reach.

BOCA by the numbers:

BOCA by location:

Stay tuned for more posts about our exciting growth. But for now… here are photos from this week’s adventures:

BOCA loves its canine friends. Our dogs constantly invigorate our workdays with comforting hand licks and the sound of furry paws scampering across the floor.

The food tour kicks off! After chicken wings, mango salad and sticky rice at Hawker’s Fare, the BOCA team split into groups to enjoy the incredible edibles of the Mission, San Francisco’s most gastronomically inclined neighborhood.

Tour groups say a brief farewell to one another before venturing off into the San Francisco sunset for sumptuous bites and scrumptious beverages.

Ah yes, Craftsman & Wolves’ famed egg-filled muffins. The perfect meal after a long week of hard work.

Smiles abound as BOCAteers enjoy the best eats The City by the Bay has to offer

Banh mi sandwiches fill the belly with savory pork and the soul with dreams of far-off places

Bi-Rite ice cream cools our stomachs on a warm afternoon traipsing around the city’s hottest neighborhood.

Finally, Tacolicious graciously hosted the travel-weary team in their back room. Tacos and margaritas are a wonderful way to finish any evening. Until next time!

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