Happy Thanksgiving…BOCA Style!!

By November 25, 2021#BOCALife

As we are finally emerging from what has felt like a neverending pandemic, BOCAteers are feeling more thankful than ever for all of the blessings we have in our lives. It is pretty crazy to look back on the past two years and think of how much we have all been through…as a team…as a country…as a world…as human beings. We continue to push forward, figuring it all out as we go and remembering along the way how lucky we are to be here and be celebrating another holiday season.

Kathleen Shanahan, founder
We, literally the entire world, just went through something together, COVID. And, we are still in this together. This is a time that will go down in history like World Wars to the Spanish Flu. COVID has been a truly earth shattering and a game changing inflection point. Through every crisis there are learnings and reflections. I am beyond appreciative of making it through COVID as a business. I am so proud of each and every BOCAteer for how we grew closer and stronger. I give thanks to our clients that partnered with us as we navigated this “new normal” and began to migrate into the “next normal” – together. I am blessed that my business could be run with a phone and a computer allowing me to move mountains during COVID for my family, whom I love dearly. Thank you!

Sammy Totah, Partner
I am truly grateful for so much this year including health, friends and family, a roof over my head and food in my belly. But most of all, I’m blessed to work in an industry (tech) and with a company (BOCA) that helped to keep the lights on in a time of darkness over these past 1-2 years. Thank you to our clients that have partnered with us. Thank you to our extended team that work tirelessly every day to provide high quality work and create a culture of love and happiness.

Lauren Brown, Writer
I am thankful for my health and my family’s health. Each day I get to spend with the people I love is a gift that I really try hard not to take for granted. If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it is that there are no guarantees. I’m trying hard to live in the moment and just be thankful for right here and right now

Laura Groshans, Senior Account Executive
I am beyond thankful for the health and happiness of my loved ones in 2021. Although this year has also been a time warp like 2020, I think the people close to me have done an amazing job of riding the wave and staying as positive as possible. I am also thankful to be surrounded by a community of people who are just as passionate about cooking as I am and I love that we make it a point to share that with each other. Also extremely grateful for the opportunity to go to physical therapy this year and recover mostly from an IT band injury that has put my running on pause for over a year.

Kayla Castro, Intern
I am so thankful for my family and friends. I would not have been able to make it through this year without them. Though being dragged away from my final years of college was unfortunate,
I am grateful that I was able to return home to a roof over my head and spend time with my family. In tough times, I try to look for the silver linings because its the little things that will help you get through. I am also grateful to have joined such an amazing team here at BOCA.

Angela Chalfant, Executive Assistant
Gratitude. My soul sings with this song about this one precious amazingly awesome life. Chock o block full of crazy people, pets, trees, summits, WOW. Waking every morning and choosing how I approach another day is humbling. The ability to Choose the path taken or less taken. I can’t think of anything better. Thank you for every moment.

Taylor Byers, Account Supervisor
After the last year, two years really, not a day goes by that I am not consciously grateful for my own health, and the health of my family and friends – this includes our BOCA family! Having such a supportive group of people to work with every day is also something I don’t take for granted. We spend a big portion of our lives working, and to get to do it alongside people you love is a blessing. As Oprah says…Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.

Eric Bolin, Account Supervisor
I am thankful for a job that allows me to work from home with the freedom to work with teammates at Boca and clients from any part of the world. The impact of technology today is incredible and I am grateful to be able to collaborate and enjoy working with my team, no matter where we are on the globe. I’m also incredibly blessed by the love of my incredible family, friends, and coworkers.

Kat Perry, Associate Account Executive
Like many of the BOCAteers, I’m thankful for friends, family, colleagues, health — the list is endless. Specifically, in this moment of time, I am very grateful for sunny winters in California and the warm sun coming through my window as I’m working from my home. It’s been a huge privilege to work in an industry that allows me to stay home but also maintain business as usual. I am constantly reminded and thankful for it daily, especially on days like today.

Wendy Brittain, HR Director
I’m thankful that my friends and family have remained healthy throughout the pandemic and that we’re all finally able to spend some quality time together this holiday season. I’m also thankful for Zoom! As tiring as being on video all the time can sometimes be, Zoom has helped to keep our culture at BOCA alive and well. I always look forward to seeing my BOCA family and playing games during our Thursday happy hours and it’s been a nice substitute for being together in person.

Roberto Burgos, Account Coordinator
I’m extremely thankful for the love I share with my friends and family. These last two years have been one of the most unexpected turns of events I’ve ever had to experience and I’m so thankful to have had the support of those I care about the most. I’m also beyond thankful to have found such amazing and kind hearted human beings at BOCA. I consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to work alongside such bright individuals.

Elyce Ventura, VP
My gratitude list is far too long to include, but at this moment I’m struck by how thankful I am to work with everyone sharing their thoughts in this blog post. It’s not often that people get to collaborate with colleagues with such great mutual respect and admiration. But I’m also grateful for all of the unexpected bright spots that emerged in decidedly gloomy times over the course of the past couple of years as we all came to grips with the new normal: the kindness of strangers, the hope of communities, and new medical advances that are keeping us healthy.

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