Earth Day in the Tech World

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Not only does April mark the beginning of warmer weather, but it is also the month when the entire world comes together to honor our planet. In recent times, tackling climate change has become a hot topic for more than just one day a year, but Earth Day — April 22nd — gives us a chance to highlight the initiatives tech companies are taking to go green. 

COVID has resulted in all kinds of workplace changes and restructurings but there is a new role in particular that many corporations are prioritizing called a Chief Sustainability Officer. People in this position are tasked with making sure their companies are operating in sustainable ways with a focus on fighting climate change. Here in the tech world, you would be hard-pressed to find a company that does NOT have a CSO. Responsibilities can include finding ways to use greener materials, working with all departments of the company to incorporate sustainability practices into their everyday operations and focusing on supply chain issues. Some big-name businesses including Apple are even offering bonuses to employees who practice sustainability. 

There is a social responsibility piece at play here too. Pinterest is the latest site that has banned the sharing and advertising of climate change misinformation. The company has said it is taking a proactive approach so it doesn’t find itself in a position where it has to apologize for what it should have done. And in many ways, fossil fuels are the new ‘cigarettes,’ as magazines are refusing to run their ads; even advertising agencies are no longer interested in working with them. These are big steps in the right direction towards a greener planet. 

BOCA is home to many clients who are doing their part in the effort to be environmentally conscious. InfluxData works with a company called VLEEMO that uses time series data technology to reduce carbon footprints and optimize its performance in the operation of wind turbines. Wind energy is the second-largest renewable energy source and as of 2021, there was 743 GW of wind power capacity worldwide. 

Tacton is another BOCA client that promotes sustainable manufacturing with its CPQ technology. Tacton believes that combating climate change should be a priority for manufacturers as it is beneficial for both the planet and the manufacturers themselves. 

BOCA will celebrate Earth Day by closing up shop a bit early on Friday and taking that time to do something fabulous for our planet. BOCAteers will be cleaning up beaches, planting flowers and collecting recyclable materials in their neighborhoods. No matter the size of your business or the role you play within it, it is up to each of us as individuals to practice environmentally responsible habits. Together we can tackle climate change and build a greener future for generations to come.

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