BOCAteer Spotlight: Anthony Lam

By April 11, 2022Uncategorized

My name is…Anthony but my friends call me AyYoChops or Ant 

What do you do at BOCA?: I am an account director at BOCA Communications, where I am primarily focused on driving media relations across my accounts as well as providing strategic counsel to our clients. I also participate in the company’s culture committee to ensure that we are building a thriving and energized environment for all BOCAteers. 

What is life all about for you?: For me, life is all about doing everything to the best of your ability to ensure you are making a difference, whether that be at home, at work, or for your community. 

What drew you to PR?: I first started my PR career as a corporate communications intern at Wells Fargo during my third year of college. I didn’t really have an initial idea of what public relations was, nor did I understand what I was getting myself into. I found myself drafting blog posts to promote various company activities such as fundraisers, volunteering activities, etc., and fell in love with the concept of published content that promotes the positives of a company. My amazing manager recommended that I apply for internships at various public relations firms in San Francisco to gain foundational skills, more specifically within the B2B tech space. After graduating from college, I was able to gain my first experience within the tech space and fell in love with the idea of how companies were enabling other companies to innovate and grow within their respective industries. 

What do you do for fun when you’re not killing it at BOCA?: In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife, family and friends as they are the most important part of my life. This has brought about many different fun activities, including food hunting, playing sports such as Spikeball or volleyball, fishing as well as playing video games. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I would love to travel to Japan and Korea with my family, as that was originally supposed to be our honeymoon location before the pandemic happened. We love the culture and can’t wait to explore the many wonders, including the best food locations. 

What are you binge watching right now?: Just finished “Demon Slayer,” an amazing anime. Highly recommend others to give the show a try if they are first time anime watchers.

What is your number one motivator? My number one motivator is my family. They continue to push me to be the best version of myself. With my upcoming baby (due in September) quickly arriving soon, I can only imagine how much more motivated I will be to give them the best life possible.

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