BOCA’s Soirée Kicks off the Summer

Last week, Wednesday, June 27, BOCA celebrated its move to downtown San Francisco. We hosted an open house and invited our dear work colleagues, family, and friends within the industry. There was no agenda, no pitching and no pressure – just a wonderful party that we warmly referred to as our Summer Soiree.


The casual atmosphere allowed us to better connect with clients and media — as humans, and as humans who can help us drive more collaborative and impactful relationships. Inviting people we work with to gather together also helped expose us, and others, to a broader group of people in the tech economy. I find we are often surprised by who can teach us things. Bringing together intelligent minds not only helped us grow and learn, but it likely helped others learn and grow, as well. Finally, tech public relations is about relationship building. A gathering like our party allowed us to practice thinking on our feet with media, clients, and prospects; engage them in higher-level conversations; and, build on our rapport.

Why is the move to a new office so important to our team? Why did we feel the need to celebrate it with clients, media, and friends?

After nearly eight years tucked away in what we like to call North North Beach (in reality the hinterlands between North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf), the BOCA management team decided it was time to move and begin to make more of mark upon the industry. This renaissance needed to happen in a new location to symbolize the positive change we all wanted.


We moved right onto Union Square, one of the heart beats of San Francisco and an official landmark. We overlook the square and are surrounded by brands, such as Tiffany & Company, Williams Sonoma, and Nordstrom, which houses the very popular and family friendly Cheesecake Factory. The list goes on.

Our office is on the 5th Floor of the Gucci Building – 240 Stockton Street.

There are many reasons to love this building.

  1. Its history. The building was constructed in 1908 with recycled aggregate concrete from the 1906 earthquake. For us, it is a gorgeous metaphor that showcases beauty and rebirth.
  2. Proximity. Our clients, employees, reporter colleagues, friends of BOCA and future friends and clients are able to easily access our new location via BART or Muni. There is also an extensive parking structure across the street. These are amenities North North Beach was unable to offer.
  3. Light: The building is on the South West corner of Stockton Street and Maiden Lane. No one can underestimate the power of natural sunlight. Our previous building faced northeast, which meant it was fairly dark throughout the day. Our new location is kissed by sunlight almost all day long. We even get to watch the sun set down Geary Street, between the older and lower buildings of the early 1900s.

We would like to thank all our clients, reporter friends and PR industry friends that took time out of their busy schedules to join us – Thank You!

Kathleen Shanahan, founder, and the BOCA Team

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