Business Continuity with BOCA’s Baseline Buzz

By March 26, 2020#BOCALife

Per my blog post last week – Balancing Two Worlds, How To Achieve Business and Home Continuity in the Age of Coronavirus and Quarantine – we are living in interesting times. We are in a global pandemic that is forcing everyone to rethink life and work. Additionally, with the media conversations around Coronavirus, the 2020 election and the pending recession, BOCA’s executive management team brainstormed: “How can we best ebb and flow with our current environment?” 

Our initial push is the relaunch of BOCA’s Baseline Buzz. It is a financially prudent model for seed and series A-backed organizations, that require a strategic communications program but must keep an eye on their bottom line. The baseline program includes the development of a strategic communications plan, targeted and impactful media relations and quality content. BOCA provides all communication services including traditional media relations, storytelling, messaging workshops, executive media coaching, industry analysts, speaking, awards and influencer relations via social media. We modify your Baseline Buzz program to focus on the services most appropriate to a company’s specific needs. 

I have been here before. BOCA was started in 2008 at the beginning of the Great Recession. I left an established PR firm, moved onto a boat, and started a nimble, flexible and low overhead agency designed to deliver great results for the new wave of startups that arose in that challenging environment. I believe we are in those times again.

It is important to note that this offering is not about delivering PR on the cheap or racing to the bottom on price. It is about understanding that the state of the market and the world is undergoing major changes, just as it did in 2008. It is about being authentic (a BOCA core value) and honest. We all need to adapt to and respond to our new normal. 

Some brands require larger programs than Baseline Buzz due to their size, comprehensive product offering or corporate structure. No two companies or PR programs are the same, and BOCA supports retainers of all sizes to match every stage of a company’s growth and evolution.

From the beginning, BOCA’s business model has been different than many of the traditional agencies. We bill the same rate for all of our people, so you pay for the scope of the program and the team’s expertise, not for the granular titles. My rate as the founder with 20 years of experience is the same as an account executive. Our clients don’t buy a media package, they buy a set of hours that can morph to their needs for each month or quarter. Our vice presidents are deeply involved in their accounts and we have dedicated writers for every single client, so you get a level of quality that only experienced people with specific expertise can provide. BOCA is structured this way based on my experiences working at agencies of all sizes and running in-house communications for a global public company that worked with some of the best agencies in the world. 

BOCA is here to support your PR and communications programs. Great innovations and the companies behind them are going to emerge from this crisis and we are here to help you tell your story and amplify your message. We would love to help you. To learn more, please contact us at

Let’s do this together!

Kathleen and the BOCA Family