BOCA’s B2B Tech and Health Tech News Roundup, Week of 3/2

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The theme of this blog series is: Celebrate our awesome clients! Our goal with this series is to showcase what our B2B Tech PR and Health Tech clients have been up to each week.  

Ingram Micro, Logistics Management Solution Provider:

Ben Xiang, Global Head of IoT at Ingram Micro shares three ways logistics providers can embrace IoT to differentiate themselves via IoT Agenda.

“Organizations within the industry are beginning to differentiate themselves through their investments in technologies like IoT-enabled devices, machine learning and smart machines. IoT can benefit logistics providers in a number of ways, including warehouse capacity optimization, transportation, labor management and safety.” – Ben Xiong, Global Head of IoT at Ingram Micro

NovuHealth, Consumer Engagement Platform Helping the Healthcare Industry:

Jordan Mauer, EVP of Engagement and Marketing at NovuHealth shares why social factors will help healthcare plans engage their hard-to-reach Medicare and Medicaid members via MedCity News.

“As this practice evolves, more examples are likely to emerge on how social determinants can be met to improve patient care. As clinicians and plans providing care management programs understand more about the social factors of the member’s life outside of the doctor’s office, they will be able to use that information to design targeted outreach efforts and close care access gaps.” – Jordan Mauer, EVP of Engagement and Marketing at NovuHealth

FreshBooks, Accounting Software Solution in the Cloud for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Teams:

Twenty-seven million people could be poised to leave traditional work for full-time self-employment according to the FreshBooks Self-Employment Report. The top reasons traditional employees say they want to transition to self-employment are control over their career and career change, each cited by 43%. Learn more about FreshBook’s survey from Elaine Pofeldt via Forbes.

“It is very interesting there is a huge jump in people wanting to go out on their own. The notion of people prizing flexibility above all else came out here. They want a sense of control of their time and flexibility to choose their own hours.”” – Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks

HVR, Provider of Real-Time Data Replication Software:

Big-data company HVR Software launched its real-time data integration platform for enterprises that need to leverage information from multiple sources. HVR moves data continuously using a log-based change data capture method, which is a low-impact way of moving data from a variety of sources into target systems. Learn more via SiliconANGLE.

“Data remains the singular most important piece of modernization, even more so than the database or sources and targets, which will continue to evolve. But the ability to generate insights from this data will be predicated on the ability to move the data and manage that movement in the most efficient way.” – Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR

Arcadia Data, Provider of the First Native Visual Analytics Software for Big Data:

The use of artificial intelligence to optimize business processes across the financial services industry is becoming a commonplace in 2018. Learn what challenges and opportunities Paul Lashmet, Practice Lead and Advisor for Financial Services at Arcadia Data pointed out in his article via Value Walk.

“Leveraging AI creates data that can be audited and visualized to expose patterns, lineage and correlation that easily describe what we currently don’t have answers to. Financial traders can now have an opportunity to look at the data generated by the decision-making process and can use that as a tool to learn from.” – Paul Lashmet, Practice Lead and Advisor for Financial Services at Arcadia Data

Maana, Pioneer in Digital Knowledge Technology Enabling Industrial Companies to Accelerate Digital Transformation:

Industrial data analytics provider Maana Inc. is adding to its platform’s capabilities with the launch of a new service called Maana Q that helps its users to obtain better insights from their data. Learn more via SiliconANGLE.

“The new capabilities of Maana Q make it easier for enterprises to create Knowledge Applications that optimize decision flows. It is this combination of human expertise and machine aid that enables effective digital transformation.” – Donald Thompson, Co founder, president and COO of Maana

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