BOCA’s B2B Tech and Health Tech News Roundup, Week of 2/23

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The theme of this blog series is: Celebrate our awesome clients! Our goal with this series is to showcase what our B2B Tech PR and Health Tech clients have been up to each week.  

NinthDecimal, Marketing Platform Powered by Location Data:

Ninth Decimal location-powered marketing

Sable Mi, VP of Research and Analytics at NinthDecimal, shares her insight as to why it is important that brands and franchisees have location-informed data when implementing TV ads via LSA Insider.

“For QSR brands, knowing what their customers are watching and what their competitors’ customers are watching can help with their media plan, whether to engage brand loyalists or to reach competitors’ customers for conquesting. For these brands and franchisees, having location-informed TV data to show what’s popular among the REAL customers beyond the standard TRPs (Target Rating Points) is valuable, as they can have a more informed view of their customers for effective TV planning and marketing. After all, ads work better if they are seen by the right audience, and that’s beyond the typical age and gender.” – Sable Mi, VP of Research and Analytics at NinthDecimal

Flexera, Software Company Focused on Fixing the Broken Software Supply Chain:

Flexera, IT asset management and software monetization
Matthew Dunkley, director of strategy and product management at Flexera discusses the current state of modern software monetization via Software Magazine.  

“Software monetization is no longer about licensing and compliance terms but rather how to optimize customer relationships. It’s about helping customers succeed, truly understanding what’s of value to them, and ultimately delivering on this value with a targeted offering. That’s how you increase the number of subscribers, keep them loyal, and grow your business.” – Matthew Dunkley, director of strategy and product management at Flexera

FreshBooks, Accounting Software Solution in the Cloud for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Teams:

FreshBooks and Research Now conducted a survey of more than 2,700 full-time U.S. workers in traditional, independent, and small business roles about their career plans and found that Americans who already work for themselves are suddenly very content to keep doing so, with 97% of independent workers (up 10% from 2016) reporting no desire to return to traditional work. FreshBooks estimates that the number of Americans working for themselves looks to triple—to 42 million people—by 2020. This news was covered by Quartz.  

“Americans are increasingly disillusioned with the notion that a successful career means climbing the corporate ladder. Whether or not the shift to self-employment occurs at the velocity our study indicates or not, the real significance is the mindset shift of the American workforce.” – Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks

Arcadia Data, Provider of the First Native Visual Analytics Software for Big Data

See the latest “If I Knew Then…” profile featuring Sushil Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Data via Crain’s Silicon Valley.

“You need to find people who are very passionate about the mission of the company, get them excited about what they’re doing, encourage experimentation and be open and honest about mistakes. As long as you do that, you can get really good people to work with you, and you’ll be able to build something compelling for the long term.” – Sushil Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Data

Mavenlink, Cloud-based Software for the Modern Services Organization:

John Reese, SVP of Marketing at Mavenlink discusses whether collaborations apps will save the day for advertisers with Sudipto Ghosh via MarTechSeries.

“More than ever, companies are seeking to digitize their work as project and functional teams become more distributed, work hours become more flexible, workforce demographics shift to millennial, and technology innovation presents new possibilities for facilitating modern business practices.” – John Reese, SVP of Marketing at Mavenlink

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