BOCA Attends RSA 2024: Standouts & Takeaways

Every year, the most important names in cybersecurity gather at RSA to share expert knowledge, discuss best practices, and consider the future of security. This May, the theme of the conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco was “the art of possible,” and the various keynotes, events, and panels tackled the opportunities for innovation presented by the ever-changing landscape of ransomware and security risks.  

There was also fun to be had: an escape room, AI-powered games, and, as usual, a concert. As one session discussed, maintaining a healthy amount of fun and enjoyment in your life and in your work is key to avoiding burnout!  

We at BOCA were able to attend along with some of our clients, and like so many others, we were inspired by the impressive strides being made in risk management and cybersecurity.  

Our PR Highlights 

AI: Of course, one of the most common topics of conversation at the conference was AI. As the technology continues to advance and adapt, it is becoming clear that there are specific roles within the larger cybersecurity ecosystem for which AI is best suited. Automation and increased efficiency are the heart of systems like DevSecOps, and taking advantage of this tech will be hugely important for retaining a competitive edge in today’s market.  

However, as with any new technology, anyone you ask will have a slightly different opinion; this was clear at this year’s conference. It is up to the individual how they can best use AI in their own business. For those of us in PR, that means finding a balance between relying on our experience, industry knowledge, and business relationships while taking advantage of the opportunities for streamlining that come with new technology.  

Burnout and Mental Health: Effective cybersecurity is supposed to be invisible but requires constant vigilance. This can lead to security experts constantly feeling like they must be “on” despite their mistakes overshadowing their best work in the public eye. No one does their best work when they are exhausted, stressed, or losing their love for their job, and in a difficult market and a fast-moving tech industry, it’s more important than ever to focus on mental health.  

In PR, these issues are just as important. We have to be ready to respond and react at a moment’s notice, keeping track of the news cycle and the needs of our clients even as media budgets drop and sacrifices have to be made. It is important to remember to enjoy what we do so we can stay at our best.  

Community and Inclusion: The more types of voices present as we look for ways to promote our clients, the more opportunities we give ourselves for fresh ideas. In security and data protection, any opportunity to stay ahead of the game is a huge advantage, preventing potential attacks or responding to them as quickly as possible.  

For BOCA, our unique perspectives help us connect with our clients, seek media opportunities, and provide something fresh and different to the marketing world with everything we write. We should always seek to diversify our skills, ideas, and perspectives, as the things that make us unique are the things that make us worth it to our clients.  

Rubrik IPO: I was beyond impressed by CEO Bipul Sinah for leading his company through an IPO perfectly in advance of RSA. Congratulations to him and his entire team— job well done.  


Now, for BOCA’s Clients at RSAC 2024 

AuditBoard: AuditBoard, a leader in streamlining risk management and IT compliance, announced at RSAC that it is enhancing its InfoSec solutions with new capabilities, including enhanced AI automation, customizable automated workflows, and real-time analytics.

And, in regards to AuditBoard, I am so proud to share that the company was acquired this week for $3 Billion. Read the Bloomberg article here.    

Fortanix: Fortanix’s data-first approach to security allows businesses to discover, assess, and remediate data exposure risks across hybrid multicloud environments while maintaining privacy and compliance. Richard Searle, Fortanix’s Chief AI Officer, participated in a panel discussion on how cybersecurity is changing and adapting to AI and quantum computing.  

 Fortanix also recently announced a new product, Key Insight, which provides better visibility into an organization’s encryption assets and their relationship with data services.  

Here, listen to an interview with CEO and Co-Founder Anand Kashyap about Fortanix, cybersecurity, and new products.    JFrog: JFrog put its best foot forward, showcasing DevSecOps best practices and how to secure the software supply chain in one convenient platform. It was the recipient of the Global InfoSec Award for Most Innovative Software Supply Chain Security.  

JFrog researchers also recently discovered a series of malware attacks at Docker Hub, allowing the platform to remove them and proving JFrog’s effectiveness in the cybersecurity sphere. 


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