Best of…July, 2022 – We Got This!

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BOCAteers have been hard at work securing top-notch coverage for our clients throughout the past few weeks. We are proud of these pieces that highlight just how amazing our clients are and we want to shout it from the rooftops! 


Richard Marcus, Head of Information Security at AuditBoard, discusses how security leaders can act as advisors with DARKReading

John Wheeler, Senior Advisor of Risk and Technology at AuditBoard, shares Tips to Build a Stronger Third-Party Risk Management Program with Information Week


Srini KA, co-founder of Amagi, is featured in MarketWatch discussing Netflix earnings.


Jason Fan, co-founder and CEO of benefits vendor Forma, explains how his company’s Specialty HRA program works — and how abortion access aligns with HR values. Learn more from Caroline Colvin via HR Dive.

MedCity News‘s newest member, Marissa Plescia, dives into one company’s move to support reproductive rights despite looming regulatory uncertainty. Learn more about how the Forma team supports its employees and how it enables other companies to provide the same benefits.

Employee Benefits News’ Alyssa Place highlights how 10 benefit providers are offering support post-Roe v. Wade, featuring thoughts from Jason Fan, CEO and co-founder of Forma.


Sara Ratner, SVP of government markets and strategic initiatives at Icario, writes in Forbes about how the shortcomings of insurance plan design in the U.S. have led to those who are functionally uninsured — those who are ‘covered’ but burdened with high deductibles that prevent the care they need.


Arwa Kaddoura, Chief Revenue Officer at InfluxData dives into how to break biases and diversify sales teams via TechCrunch+.


Manoj Chaudhary, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at Jitterbit, discusses five lesser-known benefits of low-code development with Database Trends and Applications

Vance McCarthy at Integration Developer News examines how Jitterbit is adding a low-code app builder to its popular Harmony integration platform.

Steve Brooks with Enterprise Times looks at Jitterbit’s report on hyper-automation.


Gop Rao, Chief Strategy Officer at Mindtickle, shares the true value of conversation intelligence via VentureBeat.

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