BOCA’s B2B Tech and Health Tech News Roundup, Week of 2/9

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The theme of this blog series is: Celebrate our awesome clients! Our goal with this series is to showcase what our B2B Tech PR and Health Tech clients have been up to each week.  

FreshBooks, Accounting Software Solution in the Cloud for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Teams:

Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks, comments on Salesforce’s investment of $2 billion into its Canada business. Learn more about other U.S. technology companies that are expanding into their northern neighbors via Reuters.

“You want the best minds wherever they are. The fact that Canada has this open and inclusive culture, it’s a great advantage.” – Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks

Nexmo, Business Cloud Communication Platform:

Vonage has expanded its SD-WAN solution, SmartWAN, to its small and medium-sized over-the-top business customers. While the majority of today’s SMB customers still typically utilize a public internet connection, their demand for Quality of Service has increased. Vonage is expanding SmartWAN to meet that demand and allow SMB customers that use public connections to take advantage of the reliability of a unified communications solution without deploying more expensive private circuits.

“Vonage has been making some major moves involving software defined wide area networks.” – Joan Engebretson of Telecompetitor

“Besides seeing a lot of voice service sales, retailers are looking to Vonage to support their point-of-sale terminals like cash registers and credit card machines. If a retailer’s credit card terminal or register can’t process sales, it could mean lost business.” – Sean Buckley of FierceTelecom

“As a provider of UCaaS services, QoS is in our DNA. From a customer profile, we provide services from small businesses all the way to large business enterprises and historically the way to guarantee QoS was to use MPLS-based last mile loops.” – Sanjay Srinivasan, Ph.D., chief technology architect for Vonage

Maana, Pioneer in Digital Knowledge Technology Enabling Industrial Companies to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Maana was featured as The Innovator’s Startup of the Week. Jennifer Schenker, editor in chief at The Innovator, interviewed Babur Ozden, CEO and Co-founder of Maana, during this year’s World Economic Forum which was hosted in Davos.

“Companies need a quick easy way to develop new solutions and speed is key,” he says. “Our knowledge layer gives a company a mass-scale decision model. That is our argument and has been a major factor in our success. We wanted to fully verify our claims about what technology could do and to show that a technology like Maana can be used in the drilling part of the company, trading part of the company, shipping, or customer service. It was extremely important to us to make sure that each time we acquired a customer that we could help the customer grow to the maximum potential.” – Babur Ozden, CEO and Co-founder of Maana

Additionally, Maana recently announced a strategic alliance with Accenture. The alliance will initially target oil and gas clients, with plans to expand to other industries. By working together, Accenture can extend its intelligent industry solutions such as Digital Plant Operations and Intelligent Operations Center with Maana’s knowledge platform, which accelerates creation of knowledge models using its patented knowledge graph and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Through the use of AI and analytics within the Maana Knowledge Platform, Accenture can help clients digitize decision flows and optimize assets and operations. Learn more via insideBIGDATA.

Swrve, Mobile Marketing and Consumer Engagement Platform:

Swrve, mobile marketing and consumer engagement platform

Swrve added John Whitbeck as its vice president of sales and Lance Standing as its head of worldwide alliances to drive the future of its mobile marketing automation platform and promote organizational expansion. Learn more via MarTech Advisor and MarTech Series.

“As our product continues to lead the market, investment to ensure we can meet demand becomes crucial to our continued growth. With revenues doubling in the past years, and a platform now processing over 12 billion mobile events a day, John and Lance are set to be vital members of our team as we accelerate that growth and success.” – Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve

Flexera, Software Company Focused on Fixing the Broken Software Supply Chain:

Flexera, IT asset management and software monetization

Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management at Flexera, predicts there will be more massive hacks due to vulnerable open source and third-party components. David Roe contacted many open source developers and companies that describe themselves as open source and asked them what they think will happen in the next 20 years via CMSWire.

“Once an open source component is selected, it’s often ignored and forgotten as development moves on to new features, meaning these components often contain known security vulnerabilities or conflicts with a company’s open source license policy. These forgotten components age out, and become attack vectors as vulnerabilities are discovered in them.” – Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management at Flexera

Arcadia Data, Provider of the First Native Visual Analytics Software for Big Data:

Arcadia Data announced that Fintonic, a mobile banking company that uses machine learning algorithms to provide customers with highly targeted loans and insurance products, has selected Arcadia Enterprise as the modern data visualization and analytics engine of its new data architecture. Arcadia Data will allow Fintonic to more easily deliver key data from within the business to top management in near-real time to continue offering its users the best understanding of what is happening with their money. This news was covered by Daniel Gutierrez via insideBIGDATA.

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