BOCA’s B2B Tech and Health Tech News Roundup, Week of 2/16

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The theme of this blog series is: Celebrate our awesome clients! Our goal with this series is to showcase what our B2B Tech PR and Health Tech clients have been up to each week.  

FreshBooks, Accounting Software Solution in the Cloud for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Teams:

Why did Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks start a secret company to compete with his existing one? Yazin Akkawi explores Mike’s mind-blowing business strategy via Inc.

“Software products, by their very nature, are malleable and constantly changing. In today’s business landscape, consumers expect products to be constantly improving. Eighteen months after the experiment, Billspring had shown improvements in business performance and customer satisfaction, exceeded those of Freshbooks. At this point, I decided it was time to come out of hiding, dissolving the Billspring brand and merging the products back under Freshbooks.” – Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks

Jitterbit, API Transformation Platform

George Gallegos, CEO of Jitterbit shares his thoughts of how to increase your influence at work with Rebecca Knight via Harvard Business Review.

“Create a message that resonates, and forge a path for others to become proponents. I want people to feel that they have a voice and are part of the decision-making process.” – George Gallegos, CEO of Jitterbit

Mavenlink, Cloud-based Software for the Modern Services Organization:

John Reese, SVP of Marketing at Mavenlink shares how SMBs can adapt to increased competition in the market with Michael Guta via Small Business Trends.

“The cloud has made collaboration technologies accessible for companies of all budgets and sizes. The real challenge for SMBs is determining what solution is best for them given their needs and the value they’re looking to generate with the technology.” – John Reese, SVP of Marketing at Mavenlink

Swrve, Mobile Marketing and Consumer Engagement Platform:

Swrve, mobile marketing and consumer engagement platform

Swrve and Telefónica launched an AI solution for optimizing notifications and aim to solve the
“Attention Economy Challenge.” Learn more from Tim Maytom via Mobile Marketing Magazine.

“We’re delighted to be working alongside Telefónica to bring the most sophisticated push notification solution to market. By using Smart Notifications alongside the full sophistication of Swrve’s interaction engine, new levels of engagement, loyalty and revenue are possible for enterprise organizations.” – Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve.

JNBridge, Interoperability Tools to Connect Java and .NET Frameworks:

Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge explains why the typical Java developer will be underwhelmed by the new Java 10 features via JAXenter.

“Java’s not the only technology that’s succumbed to the pitfalls of accelerated release cadences. I think part of the problem is that the emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) has caused expectations to shift. With SaaS, it’s easy to push a new feature or a new fix to the entire development community whenever it’s convenient to do so – no need to wait for a critical mass of changes before issuing a release. People have started to expect the same pace of release in shrink-wrapped software, but I think that’s a mistake.” – Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge

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